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Friday, 9 February 2018


Solo was all smile as he sat in Gori's large living room, he knew with Gori, he had less worries. Dan strolled in and sat on a different seat.
"My man, I hail o." Solo greeted.
"My guy, ao ur location..."
"Reported location dey gallant..." They shook hands in code as they laughed.
"Wetin dog dey do for lion's den?"
"Dog and Lion get scores to settle..." Solo replied as he at down. Dan looked at him suspiciously before he responded.
"We gas talk o..."
"On top wetin... Make we yarn am for here?" Solo responded.
"Where u go dey tomorrow?"
"House na..."
"I go control you." Dan said. Goriola walked in in a singlet and boxers, he was barefooted. A glass o wine placed in his left hand.
"Solo... How are you?" He said as he sat near Dan, Dan felt irritated,he shifted a bit since he was not so comfortable. Solo noticed him and shrugged.
"I'm fine, G-boy. I want to see you concerning our last discussion... But I will like to see you privately." He said as he looked into Gori's eyes.
"He is my friend... You can go on" Gori smiled.
"I am here with the list, the five of them, it remains their leader and a new member that was enrolled not quite long.... I pray you get the remaining two." He said staring at Dan suspiciously, he felt something was wrong somewhere.
"Let me see.." Gori stretched his hands and collected the sheet from Solo, Dan moved closer abit trying topeep through the list.
"Who... Who are they?" He asked.
"They are the list of all the working guysin this school..." Dan lied.
"They are the young Green... A subsidiary of the Green." Solo was shocked, how could he trust Dan... His face looks like a traitor.
"What... What about them..." Dan who was already sweating asked.
"I will kill them ALL!" This statement sent a cold blood down Dan's spine, With this Gori stood up. "Solo, you have to go now, I will see you later...." Solo knew something was wrong, hestod up and left.
"Daniel Ikuforiji, it takes nothing to kill you, you know. I've killed people that were more dear to me so killing you would be like an added advantage... Dan, watch your back... You can not run away from you shadow!" With this he made to leave.
"Are you threatening me? Who do you think you are? God. I know you're heartless, I know you are the devil.... Devil reincarnate! You killed your own blood father! You killed Kay! So why are you sparing me! Kill me right now!" He was fuming.
"Do I kill my father? Do I kill Kay? I missed her though. Her honeypot was so deep and large! I could remember how she moaned that day we had it..." A smiled came across his lips.
"You jerk! You mean you had sex with my girlfriend..." His fist were up, ready to attack.
"Yeah... That was my first time havjngsex with a pregnant woman.... You babe was a bad ass..." He smiled.
"You son of a bitch.." With this he approached him with fury,Gori was quick enough to caught his wrist mid-air.
"What is happening here?" Tiwatope asked as she walked down the staircase. "What are you guys doing?" She walked hurriedly towards them.
"Watch you back.. I am coming for your girlfriend too... If you think no one can touch you... How about your girlfriend..." With this, he freed himself from Gori's grip and entered his room.
"What is going on, Olami. What happened between you two." Gori was absentminded, he loved Dan and was sad he killed Kay. He regretted it too but nothing or little could be done. It was her fate! Dan dragged his boxes into the living room, Tiwa rushed to him holding one of the boxes.
"Dan, please what is going on? Where are you going to?" She asked pleadingly.
"Ask your fuckass who had sec with my..." He stopped, the words were choking him.
"With who?" Tiwa gave Gori a scornful look, he looked away. With this distraction, Dan dragged his boxes further.
"Dan, do you think you can run away from your shadow ? Been under me would have been better for you." Gori warned, he loved Dan, he showed him way when everyone dejected him. He was making real money through him. He would haved killed him for selling him out but hell no, he loved him..

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