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Sunday, 11 February 2018


"Hello, I am G-boy" he stretched forth his hand for a handshake.
"I am Godwin." The guy said, he was in a tracksuit and a white T-shirt, he had his ears and nose heavily pierced.
"Do you know about the Shadow? Shadow of the Green?" Gori asked typing away in his phone. The guy looked up, two things were troubling him. He knew about G-boy, the smartest yahoo guy, he also knew how dreaded Shadow is, some people claimed there was a relationship between G-boy and Shadow. He was not sure which was sitting opposite him.he felt warm inwardly, he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.
"Godwin, answer me..." He asked in a voice close to a whisper, he was not looking up either.
"G-boy, what is my relationship with the question?" He was sweating already, he shifted in his seat as he wiped sweat off his face.
"Ans-wer me..."
"A random guy who have been killing some lecturers children always leave a note behind claiming he is the shadows of the green...." He replied in his most friendly voice.
"Do you know who the Green are?" He asked as he lit a stick of cigarette.
"Gr... gre ... En... No o... Maybe it is a fraternity or so..."
"Godwin..." He looked up. "Have you ever seen the shadow act?" He sighed.
"Why are you asking me all this young man..." He asked with the little courage he had left.
"Even if you raise your voice like someone who swallows a homespeaker,bro... Sorry to burst your bubbles... No one would listen" he dragged his cigarette.
"You are harrasing me. Young man... I'm going to can the security.." He warned.
"Try that!" Godwin made to stand up but his feet were rooted, he could not lift his legs either.
"Wh... Wh... At have you done yo me young man.? He was visibly shakened.
" I am the shadow." Gori said as he gulped down a glass filled of Beer. Godwin was alerted, those who had met with the Shadow earlier died after their encounter with him.
"Why are you here?" He was shaking, his body was heavy.
"You are Godwin Enahoro, the number two of the young Green. You are twenty six years, you are in your third year studying urban and regional planning. You stay at Akoh-Osha hostel. You have three sisters and a widowed mother. You are the first son, you have a live-in girlfriend..." Godwin was astonished, This was truly the shadow, he knew everything about him.
"Now listen." He relaxed his back as he rested well. "I have been assigned to kill the seven of you... I mean the Seven young green... Do you really know what colour green stands for?" He asked with his arms crossed, Godwin was reciting his last prayer already, he knew his end was near.
"It means inexperienced.... Nature.... Don't you think some people are trying to manipulate you?" He paused as he bit his fingernail. "Well, I have chosen you among the seven young inexperienced Green.... If you help me, I'll save your live." Godwin adjusted well in his seat, he did not know whether the shadow would spear his life or not.
"I have five names of the young green and six names of the Green. I need the remaining three names... Or else I will not spare you and would still know who they are."
"Ehm... Bro, the seventh Green should be the leader ... Am I right?" Gori nodded in affirmation. "Well, no one knows who he is, it is rumored he does not exist."
"How about the other two young Green?" Gori asked.
"We are not to disclose our identity... The penalty is death."
"Do you think you will die when I am here with you? The only person that can kill you right now is me." Gori chuckled.
"I am scared! I will die!" Godwin bursted into tears. "I have my mother and siblings to look after. They are looking up to me as their hero and breadwinner." He lamented.
"You mean you win bread for your family by killing and raping girls? You are damn heartless and if you provoke me I'll kill you." Gori warned.
"I... I..."
"Before the count of three... One!" He brought out a jackknife.
"I will tell you" he replied with his eyes closed, he did not know whether the knife would Pierced him or not.
"I am listening..." Gori withdrew the knife.
"We have Jack, he is the leader of the group."
"Who is Jack?"
"Jack is in his finals, ICT, He is the only one who knows the true identity of the leader...." He confessed.
"Who is the seventh person?"
"The new recruit."
"Who is he?"
"I do not know him. He will be introduced during the next meeting."
"Do you know his name?"
"Yes... I think he is ... ehm ... hem."
Mrs. Badmus was dragging her boxes down the stairs, she was wearing a long jalamia as she struggled down the staircase.
"Where are you going to?" Akin asked.
"What effrontery! How dare you ask me such question! Are we married?" She shunned him.
"Oh! That was the reason for the divorce you filed! You duped me!" Akin fired.
"Who duped you? How?"
"You employed those hungry looking lawyers to extort money from me right? You told them thing I did not do!"
"Like what and what?" She crossed her arms.
"Sheybi they gave you half of my properties now!" He said sarcastically.
"Does that wake up my dear Kayode, the one you slaughtered." Maryann was already in the room with her son, Mrs. Badmus eyed her.
"How do I slaughter your daughter o, witch?"
"What is the Green? Who is the shadow? Was that not what we saw in her handbag? Why is it the same person who killed my daughter that killed Bileri and Dozie. Is it not shady enough?"
"How do you mean? You better stay here, young woman?"
"Akin, I don't need you anymore. There was no love between us. It was Kayode that kept me this long in your house! I hate you... I hated you since you started defiling that bed!" She was in tears as she pointed towards their bedroom.
"Am I not taking care of you enough?"
"You can say that again!" She rolled her eyes.
"So now that there is no more Kay, you chose to leave me and go with my properties... The one you did not work for!"
"Oh! What property? Like I don't have my money before we met? I am an hairstylist which you know... I make hair for the bigwigs in the society... So watch your tongue, you bastards." Akin gave her a long gaze, he loved her. He knew he wronged her and he was the cause of her present predicament. He was not told it would turn out bad. He was overambitious and it had caused him his dear family, his wife and lovely daughter.
"Mummy... Please ma, don't do this to our husband... He..." Maryann begged.
"Shut up! You slut! ò rí ogún o lógún dèbìtì àyà tí. Sheybi this is what you want... Me, my husband and my kid! Oh! You know I am your mummy when you were opening your store for him! You know he had a daughter of your age range when you got pregnant! Stupid girl... Eat him! He used my daughter and I am sure he is going to use yours... Fool!" With this, she stormed outout.

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