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Sunday, 11 February 2018


Gori laid on his bed, he had his glaze on the picture hanging on the wall, it was a picture he took with Tiwatope. Her stomach was protruding already, she was in her late trimester. They had been keeping it from their parents especially their parents. He felt cold inwardly, he adjusted in bed, his instinct sensed danger.
"Nice to meet you." He heard a voice at his back, he turned driftly, his room was locked. Who could enter. He turned to meet a very tall guy of about six-seven feet high, He was heavily built, his muscles were so visible and through his swift calculation, the guy could easily defeat John Cena.
"Who are you?" It was the first time in a long time he was frightened, he could enter anywhere, face anyone and act anyhow. This hefty man who entered his room unannounced, he came through the air or so he guess. Whosoever he was, he must be a diabolic man.
"You want to meet me, don't you? The intruder moved closer to him smiling.
" who are you?"
"Nice meeting you, dear timid shadow." He strolled freely across the room, Gori was already on his feet.
"Who are you before I loose my patience!" How could the stranger call him a TIMID!
"Well, won't you offer your visitor a bottle of champagne?" He approached the portable freezer, he brought out a bottle of 9PM. He popped it and served himself, he sat comfortably in bed with his legs twisted.
"Who are you?!" He was loosing his cool, he wanted to strangle the intruder if he could get closer.
"I am Jackson Babatunde, the Jack. I am the leader of the young Green." His arms were crossed as a smile played across his lips.
"How dare you enter my room?!" His hands were on his collar, he dragged him up and they gave a perfect picture of 'David and Goliath'. Gori was burning with rage,his prey had the gut to enter his room.
"Godwin said you needed to see me, I learnt you are hunting the young Green, so I am here for you... Will you please kill me?" He pleaded sarcastically.
"So that foolish boy gave you the info?" Gori chuckled.
"He is a loyal Green." He freed himself from Gori's grip.
"I am going to bring all of you down."
"Let us wait and see, boy." The Jack lit his cigarette and took a drag.
"What are you doing here?" Gori asked feeling relaxed.
"I want something from you?" He sat down, he paused. "I want your head..." He paused. "... Or maybe you should back off."
"That is not in my dictionary. You guys have caused enough agony in this school for the past twenty-four years. You have ruined a lot of lives,killed a lot of people and you still want to exist... That is a NO! I am going to cause you guys a lot of agony!"
"I will take that as an empty threat."
"Empty you say?"
"I know two people who matters most to you, your women. Your mother and your girlfriend. If you don't back off, I will treat their fuckups." They exchanged fierce looks, each looking at the other as if his eyes could Pierce through the heart of the other.
"You are pregnant, Tope! You have succeeded in disgracing me." Her mother bursted into tears, she was only twenty-two. It was the exact age she got pregnant, was it a family curse!. She knew she had failed in her role as her mother.
"Disgrace who?" She eyed her mother.
"You... You are not... not even married!" She fired.
"But I know who is responsible for my pregnancy!" She fired back.
"You mean?"
"What did you expect from a motherless bastard. I don't have a father, and you! Just a figure-headed mother."
"Tiwatope." Miss Eyiwunmi silently walked towards her daughter. "I know I am a failed mother." She stated. "But must you torment me always? Can't you just forgive me? I deserve happiness too." She wept bitterly.
"You did worse when I was young."
"I had the best intentions for my only daughter...I wanted to secure a better today and future for you... I was.. I was... I was ..." She was choked.
"Through prostitution? Do you know what you made me go through? Can you ever suffer the ridiculous moments I suffered while growing up? Tell the whole world you are a bad mother"
"Must I suffer this much? This punishment is too much." She felt sad.
"This is just a tip of an iceberg." She chuckled.
"You never listen to my story... You keep pushing the blames in me."
"I won't because you never gave me what I wanted. You never gave me a father, you never showed me love."
"Is he responsible for this?"
"Who else?" She rolled her eyes.
"That guy... The guy... Is a... He is..." She swallowed hard, she could not afford to upset her with her words.
"Mum, I have to go. I am getting registered for antenatal today." She picked her bag.
"Can you please let me follow you at least. I can't leave you alone in this position. You need my help."
"I don't... Thanks" she left.
"I need to see Gori today, we have to look for a way to abort this baby," she soliloguized.

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