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Sunday, 11 February 2018


Gori walked into the VC's office, two eyes were staring at him.
"Mother-in-law." He smiled as he sat beside miss Eyiwunmi, who was staring at him in a scornful manner.
"How far, guy?" The VC greeted.
"You said I should see you?"
"Ehm.... Yeeeesssss" the VC and miss Eyiwunmi exchanged glances.
"What for?" He lit a cigarette.
"It... It... It is about her daughter"
"Tiwa, my wife?"
"Yes" they answered in unison.
"What about her?"
"Ehm... Gori, please help me! I beg of you... You see, I'm a single mother, I don't want my daughter to follow that part.I got pregnant at her exact age and month. Please and please, can you just... Just...." She paused, she did not want to go further.she scratched her shoulder as tears whelmed in her eyes.
"Mother-in-law, if you mean we should abort the baby, then you are wrong! It is my wife and my first child we are talking about here" he stood up.
"I don't say I'm not accepting my responsibilities as a father and husband. I love your daughter and I will not hurt her." He confessed as he made to leave.
"Gori... I don't want her to..."
"She is not like you, old Rodger! I deflowered her and she... She had never cheated.... On me!" With this, he left.
"Lara, don't worry. Let them have this baby." A smile placed across the VC's lips.
Gori was on his way out of the bank when his instinct gave him a signal, he swerved his face towards the long queue when he sighted a young girl staring at him. He walked to her and they exchanged pleasantries. The lady was not his type of woman, she was very slim and short, her hair was natural.she had not makeup on, no earrings,wristwatch or necklace. She was wearing a turtle-neck top and a long jean skirt. Even though her dark skin looked radiant, but she irritated Gori. He had no feeling for girls who were 'SU'.
"Hi" he raised his hands, the lady looked left and right as if she misplaced something.
"Hello." She responded.
"What is a beautiful lady doing on a long queue like this?" The lady blushed.
"I needed to be in school today and I want to withdraw some cash."
"Oh... Good. Can I have your slip, let me do the withdrawal for you." He offered, the lady looked unsatisfied, she could not trust a stranger.
"No.. Thanks"
"I insist!" He took her by hands before she could refused, he met with a cashier at the far end.
"How far guy, I wan withdraw for my friend o." The cashier looked up and stared at the young lady.
"I do money transfer and exchange, guy. Go and meet the guy over there." The banker directed.
"Guy, ao far u now? Na my babe jor."
"G-boy, this one? No corrupt this SU o" the banker joked.
"Abeg, help me do this thing." He handed him the slip and a thousand note. The queue murmured as a means of dissatisfaction. The banker left his cubicle and came back with the money.
"Take, bro. Na u o" he handed it over to Gori who gave it to the young lady.
"Thanks sir." The lady thanked him. "You really save me a lot of stress today, sir. But the bible forbids bribery o. In the book of..."
"What is your name?" He cut in. He was in no mood for stories.
"Joy, Joy Makun." She replied.
"Makun, that name rings a bell."
"Really! though it is not a popular name o"
"Are you relate to AY Makun?" He asked.
"Who is he?" She was confused.
"You mean you don't know AY Makun?" He was surprised
"Who is he?"
"He is a comedian."
"I don't know him." She replied innocently.
"Anyways, where are you going? Maybe I can drop you off." He offered.
"Campus, my dad works there."
"Oh! You are Prof Makun's daughter." He was surprised and happy. His new prey walked into his den.
"He is one of my lecturers. Let us go." He smirked.
"Adigun... Are you sitting here?!" Yusuf asked.
"What happened? Board meeting should be 2pm now." He checked his wristwatch.
"I know you love keeping to time. this is to one, you won't expect us to go and sit there waiting for others. Moreover, I am waiting for my daughter, she should go back to school today and she had left for the bank since morning. You see all this kids ehn!" He checked his wristwatch again.
"Adigun, the worse has happened. You need to see what is happening outside o." Yusuf was unnecessary panicking which angered Adigun.
"Hey Mister man, if students are fighting, you won't expect me to go there and settle unnecessary quarrels." He fumed.
"Will you just follow me outside."
"Who is this?" They were outside the small schoolgate, he saw a lady laying lifeless on the floor. She was wearing a blue Jean, which look like the one his daughter wore early that morning.
"You need to calm down, Adigun." They were now amidst the students who surrounded the corpse.
"Yusuf, this is my daughter o!" He said immediately he had a full picture of the body.
"Adigun..." Adigun bent and checked the inscription on a note tagged to her chest beside her bag... " SHADOWS OF THE GREEN ."
"Yusuf, Shadow have killed my daughter o" he wailed.
"Hello... Who is this?" He pulfed the smoke through his nostrils.
"This is Sulaiman Olagbegi, I will like to meet you, Gori Fatoyinbo."
"Please, who are you?"
"I will send one of my drivers to come and pick you up by seven-thirty this evening."
"Who are you?"
"I know your address so chill"
"You better tell me who you are!" He barked
"Google-search my name, Sulaiman Olagbegi."
"The only Sulaiman Olagbegi I know is the governor of this state."
"Wait till this evening to know who I am, the name is not that common. You know. See you soon!" The line went off..

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