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Monday, 12 February 2018


Gori walked into the exquisite room, it smelt riches. He was cladded in a knocker and white tee. A man dressed in a brown suit was sitted across the room, he was backing Gori and Gori wondered who he was.
"G-boy." Sulaiman called out in a croak voice.
"Hello, Sulaiman. I don't deal in suspense. Who are you?" Gori queried.
"I can see you've got some guts.." He commended as he faced Gori, Gori recognised that face, it was the state governor! The tall dark-skinned man stood up with his hands in his pockets.
"You are surprised to see me, right?" He smiled. "I'm pleased to meet you, Gori." He stretched his hands for an handshake. They shook hands and Sulaiman offered him a seat.
"My boys told me what you made them go through before you agreed to follow them down here."
"Your Excellency sir, why do you want to meet me?" Gori was confused.
"Gori, as you know, I am the governor of this state..." He raised his face, Gori noticed tears whelmed up in his eyes.
"What is wrong, sir?"
"Gori, I am not the one ruling this state..." He confessed.
"How ? It is obvious a state cannot be governed by a single man... So..."
"Gori, you are after the shadow. I am aware of that. I've been following you up since you killed Kenneth. He was working for me till his death. Gori, Ken was not a simple task to handle. Gori, I need your help. I've been a figure head governor of this state for the past five years... I'm fed up... I want my freedom..." He lamented
"I don't understand you. Is someone or a group of people holding you hostage?" Gori questioned.
"... I'm sorry, I'm not an activist or something..." Gori was vexed, the one he had bit, he was still chewing it, how could a governor invite him for such an issue, was he a hired assassin or police. He stood up and made to leave.
"Gori, please... Its only you that can help me in here...." He pleaded.
"Sir, I am sorry. I can't ..."
"Fifteen million for a start!" He offered
"I made that in a week." He laughed, he was on his way out of the room.
"Gori... Why not hear me out. It has something to do with the Green." Gori stopped in his track, he was holding the doorknob.
"Taiwo Sangoyode, my deputy.... Will you come back here and listen to me." Gori went back to his seat as if he was been controlled.
"What about the Green?"
"I was an hardworking lecturer in your department until seven years ago..." He paused and squeezed his face. "I was so innocent till I raped a lady. I so much loved this lady and I tried all my best to make her my woman, but she bluntly refused. She was having a fling with Goriola Anikulapo which I was not aware of. I was set up, I was lured which I fell for. I raped her and it was recorded, for three months, no one knew about it. It started one day when Taiwo Sangoyode called me into his chamber, he was a barrister. His party had nominated him to run for the governorship but no one would support people from his constituency..." He paused,drank a cup of water and continued.
"He wanted me to run the governorship with him but... Not as the deputy but as the governorship candidate. I refused bluntly because I had no thing for politics. Gori, that was how my problem started o. The Green rose and threatened me with the sextape. My career was at stake, I agreed after much threats and persuasion. If I had known z I would have refused. The few project I had executed was through my personal pocket. I received fifty percent of a deputy governor's salary, my salary goes into Taiwo's pocket, all allocations goes into his pockets. I'm fed up of all these, I want my freedom. The citizens are complaining, salaries are hanging, projects are dormant. Debt are hanging too. I am afraid EFCC would come after me after my tenure."
"What do you want from me, I still don't know what relationship you have with the green." Gori complained, the story was so boring to him
"The Green. The Green is responsible for the rape and death of slots of students. They are ruling the state too. A lot of lives have been lost, Gori. This people rape and kill seven maidens every second and fourth Thursday. Don't you think this must stop?"
"Seven ladies?" Gori was surprised, he was not aware of that part, he never knew it was that worse.
"Yes, Gori. I think Taiwo Sangoyode is the leader of the the Green."
"Gori, when you get to hell, my regards to da grin."
"Do you think you will succeed in killing me?"
"Do you think you are more powerful than the powerful? Some were in your shoes before now... Where are they now?"
"Jack!" He smiled. "If I'm not fed up of life, not even your forefather will kill me...."
"Are you sure? You better say your last prayer!" Dan said as he entered into the spacious room. Gori had received a call from Dan to meet him at his new apartment.
"So nice." Gori smiled as he clapped his hands. "This is a cheap stunt! So think I am someone so cheap to capture."
"... But you are already in our den." Dan said as he lit up a cigarette.
"Your den? Oluwo warned you already, two people are capable of killing me... My father and my son. Now that my father is dead, my son is the only option you guys have, Tiwa is carrying my first child. Just pray it turns out a male and you know, you will have to wait for seven years." He laughed mockingly. "...but you know before then, I would have levelled your cult room." He mocked again.
"Well, I won't tell you how much I suffered to get this substance I am holding." He flauted a powdered sibstace in a small container. Gori laughed loudly.
"Your dead father's front tooth was one of the ingredient, Tiwa's urine too was not left out." It was Jacks turn to laughed mockingly.
"You... You..."
"Save it for the dead!" Before Gori could sense the danger looming around, Jack blew the substance. He immediately felt nauseated, his vision was blurred, he felt dizzy, he was empty and he tasted his blood. He felt weak as he went down, he saw the gate of heaven. He knew he was going to give up the ghost. His doom was here while his mission was yet accomplished..

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