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Monday, 26 February 2018


He swallowed two pills of codeine with a can of lucozade boost, the shadow had sent him a tiny note to meet him at the school mountain by 9PM. He was going to kill him, he had one that before and he was going to do that the second time and this time would be the last. They had lost two greens and a young green already, he had to stop this so at least he could be the next young green lord. He was overwhelmed by the powers he had obtained, he had to traveled to Togo, Yamosoukkro in Cote d'ivoire, he went to Abobo in Abidjan all to seek for the lower of defeat. He had wanted to pardon him for killing Kayode and the fallen Green hero but he had chosen to write him a letter begging for his death and he was ready to kill him. He smiled into the standing mirror, he took a last look at the four walls of the room and left, he would come into that building as a conqueror.
The cold breeze was sending some sweet sensation into his body system, he needed to bleep a lady that night, he had to be fast with the shadow so as to go back to his room as Iyanuoluwa was there waiting for him. He had called her on his way to the mountain to go to his house and wait for him. The mountain was silent, it had been a prayer ground for all church fellowships, departments and even the staffs visited the mountain to pray once in a month. That sane mountain was were some school bsf boys chose to smoke, rape and weed up. He looked from left to right, front to back but there was no G-boy.
"G-boy!" He called out loud, silence fell after.
"OmoG!" There was no response.
"I know you're here, better come out and let me kill you this one more town... You fool!" He spat.
"Omogoriola Fatoyinbo!" He called out with all his strength. Silence fell this last time but he could see someone lit a candle, he rushed towards its direction, lo and behold, he saw the mighty Gori holding a big candle.
"Nice to meet you again, Dan." he stretched forth is hands for a handshake. Dan stepped back, he was not to shook hands with his enemy, that would render his power impotent.
"Oh, they instructed you not to shake hands with me?" Gori teased.
"G-boy , I'm happy our path cross like right now... At least, one of us is going back home while the other would be buried soon." He spat.
"So you think you and Jack killed me?"
"We did and you were buried!"
"That's a foolish thing to say." Dan smiled.
"Well, that man was never my father, he was my stepfather. So how would I die when you uses my dead stepfather's tooth? That's so foolish of you...." He explained calmly.
"...but...but we buried you!"
"That was not my corpse, I left the very day you guys thought you've killed me, I went to Ugbobi mortuary and get a corpse, Dan, you know I can't be easily defeated... You know it!"
"But even till you're buried, I saw your corpse, your face, your..."
"Are you underrating my power? I changed his look to mine." He laughed.
"So... So... You were not dead!"
"You can't kill your shadow ofcourse."
"...but you can't escape it now."..
" well, you can see for yourself. " he turned to the left, Dan followed. He stopped close to the mountain altar.
"What!" Dan saw the corpse of five young green in their green overall, he was wearing his too. Godwin was tied to a tree close by.
"Go... Go... G-boy... Why do you keep killing people close to me. You rape and killed my girlfriend!.."
"I didn't rape her! We had an agreement, the sex was great though.... I give that to Kay.... Tiwa was no match to her." He commented.
"And you are saying that in my presence?" He charged at him
"So, you're doing this all for Kay?"
"Yes.... She was my happiness... She took my baby with her ... Her parents are divorced over her death... Her mother broken and her dad sad... I'll kill you and take your skull to her grave..."
"You're such a fool! Kayode never loved you! She wanted me and not you! She wanted my money and not your peanut! She wanted my preek and not yours! Woman wrapper!" Dan brought out a rope as he charged towards Gori, he hit his back with the rope, Gori staggered backward as he felt a sharp pain in his belly.
"I told you!"
"Dan... I loved you... I knew I wronged you but I apologised.. But now I have no other option than to kill you right now.... I wanted to .... You joined a group I am fighting all to avenge the death of a cheating girlfriend... I offered you money and a better babe but you refused!" Dan felt guilt instantly, afterall Kay cheated in him too! He felt guilt but he had to take the trophy for killing Gori. He turned back to pick a stone, that would surely kill Gori, mixing a mountain stone with a powder made from seventy seven leaves would killed him. Gori moved closer to him unknowingly and shook his right hand. He turned immediately and saw the wounded man grinning back at him, his charms were impotent already.
"You've been making a fool of yourself for wanting to kill me... I've been hesitating to kill you but I think right now,I don't have an option, you are my worse nightmare!" He brought out his dagger and pierced it into Dan chest.
"Rest in peace my close friend! I love you! You died for love just like Romeo.... You're such an hero." Gori cried, he loved Dan so much. Dan fell on his kneels as blood gushed out of his mouth, his eyes was full of regrets, he never knew Gori so much loved him. He looked for his friend's downfall seeking for a stupid revenge and now he was the one falling.
"Go...Gori... I am sorry... I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry... I... Love...." His eyes were closed as he kissed the dust. Gori roared, he cried so hard that the whole bushes surrounding the mountain trembled... There was cold breeze.
Gori untied Godwin.
"I spared your life for one reason... You're a widow's son but you have an errand to run for me..." With this, he took his hands and they left..

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