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Wednesday, 14 February 2018


"...I made sure his grave was cemented and tiled, what is happening? Who is killing all these children? Kai! Three children in a day? Ewooooo" John Chukwuka lamented
"John, something is missing somewhere.... Is it that possibly another shadow has emerged... This notes is carrying SHADOWS OF THE GREEN again o" he fumbled with the small sized notes he was holding.
"Jack! Ah! Powerful jack ke! You better let's have a meeting with the young Greens tomorrow." Akin Badmus suggested. The three men were lost in their own thought, all of them had lost one of their children, who knew if their wives are next! Daniel entered, he was cladded in a jalamia, he wore a worried look.
"Good afternoon SirGreens." He greeted as he took a seat.
"Dan, what happened? What is going on?" Adigun Makun asked.
"I was with Jack yesterday when he called him..."
"Who?" The trio asked almost immediately.
"He saved the number with Timothy."
"...and who is Timothy?" Adigun Makun questioned.
"I don't know too... He told me he was hanging out with the VC's daughter and Prof. Mohammed's daughter too... I even begged him to take me along but he refused." They sighed. "But..."
"But what?" John Chukwuka jerked.
"I trailed him but something was confusing..."
"Then what?"
"I think... I think... Another shadow... I'm not so sure... The person did not look like G-boy. I saw him... G-boy is... Was short... The killer looked a bit tall... He had piercing, wore blings and look more or less like Godwin." He sounded confused, the three men just stared at him, not knowing what to say.
"Where were you yesterday?" Akin gave him a scornful look.
"SirGreen, believe me, I... I... I was home." He was frightened, he had been accused of killing Jack, the powerful Jack which he knew he was not capable of.
"Dan claimed he saw you..." John shouted at him in his thick Igbo accent.
" I was home.. You can ask" He knew his spirit would fail him.
"Goddy, you're the young Green number two... I want you to tell us the truth... You called Jack yesterday or not?" Akin asked.
"Yea... I did... But that was before his murder. I called about the upcoming meeting." The men raised their brow.
"How did you know when he was murdered? Do you want me to report you to the leader?" Akin could not keep his cool anymore.
"Okay...okay... Let me say the truth..." beads of sweats were already forming above his eyebrow.
"Mum, my baby is proving so stubborn just like his father." She rubbed her tummy in a circular motion.
"It's because it is your first child."
"Like you have more than one." They laughed, she noticed the way her mum laughed, she knew she was more than happy. She had been her only friend since the death of Gori..

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