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Tuesday, 13 February 2018


29th of November, 2014.
Akin Badmus, Gori Anikulapo and Adigun Makun were all sitted in the VC's office.
"At last, I'm happy we finally ended the life of that mysterious boy." Adigun Makun said as he picked a tumbler.
"Before he killed all our children..." The VC added.
"Ah... Kayode! I missed my only daughter. I'm the Jesus who took away the sins of the world o... I lose my daughter and my loving wife! So sad!" He buried his head in his palms.
"But thank God you have another son now... And a wife at least..." The VC patted his back.
"He thought he is so powerful that no one can touch him... But seriously, Jack and Dan deserve big compensation from the Green." Adigun Makun suggested.
"... Let's deal with that fool's burial at first... Then celebration follows..." Akin Badmus cut in.
"I will make sure the school itself is in charge of his burial, I hate stories that touch..." The VC said.
"That is true o, Gori. So he won't just come back like a thief in the night... Moreso, he is an akoko boy.... And all these akoko people are so funny and diabolic." Akin Badmus added.
"Is he Akoko or Ilaje?" Adigun Makun asked.
"He is Akoko, I once met with his father." Akin Badmus corrected.
"I saw some students protesting his death this morning."Adigun Makun poured himself a glass of wine.
" that's true... The SUG president called me last evening about the protest." The VC scratched his hair. "I think it makes things easier. Since they saw that guy as their Messiah, it will be easy to bury him within the school environment." The VC explained
"Uhn... What is today kids turning themselves into? All this 21st century children ehn? Gori, don't you remember when Jimoh, the scholar died?" Gori Anikulapo and Akin Badmus nodded. "No protest o... Students of nowadays will not celebrate good people again... " Adigun Makun shook his head.
"He's a celebrated yahoo guy now... What did you expect? He's a philanthropist." Akin Badmus added. The VC land phone rang.
"Let me get that..." The VC stood up and walked towards the land phone.
"Hello.... How are you my dear friend?... I am aware of the protest joo... I'm in school ofcourse... Infact, Akin and Adigun are here... What!.. I should... Wait!wait! Obbc TV! I will do that now... Alright... See you later!" He dropped the receiver and walked past his friends to switch on the television set, he picked the remote as he channeled obbc TV.
"What's going on, Gori?" Akin asked with a puzzled look.
"John called that the protest is being aired live on obbc TV. He said the children are saying some trash!" He fumbled with the remote and at last, he got the channel. They listened keenly as various students were being interviewed.
"Gori, what is this happening under your nose?" Adigun yelled.
"Who is this guy sef,?" Akin pointed to Solo who was being interviewed currently. "He knew so much about the Green o... Even the young Green!"
"See this SUG president too... Why should you allow them carry out such protest..."
"See as these useless journalists are roaming about"
"I'm going to get them arrested! I mean all of them! Who gave those bullhead the permission to air such nonsense under my nose! Bet with me, all those being interviewed are expelled already! They are planning to overthrow me right?" He fumed as he pick the receiver.
"Director of Students Affairs, is that you? Are you aware of what is going on in the school environment! OK...OK... I am on my way right now!" He dropped the receiver. "Let's go."
"To where?" They asked in unison.
"Things are getting out of hands, most of the students know about the Green already. We need to act fast."
"Of the greatest Nigeria students!" The SUG president yelled into the microphone.
"Of the greatest gbogbo!"
"Of the greatest gbagba!"
"Aluta continua!"
"Victoria asserta!"
"My fellow comrades, we all know we are all here because of our fallen hero... Goriola Fatoyinbo... A comrade who fought till death! Our amiable vice chancellor is here to speak to us... I hereby welcome to this podium, our VC, Prof. Gori Anikulapo." He stepped aside as the vc and his entourage stepped on the podium, the students were murmuring, some were shouting while some are yelling.
"Greatest Nigeria students!" He hailed as he took the mic.
"Greattt" only few students responded.
"I understand you are all here in memory of one of you... Goriola Fatoyinbo... He was a good students to both..." A sachet of water landed on the director of students affairs face who was standing beside the VC. There was commotion as the security agents dispersed into the crowd in search of whoever did that.
"You don't have to go violent... " the VC continued concealing his anger. "I will go straight to the point, the school authority is ready to shoulder the responsibility of our fallen hero's burial. He's going to have an academia burial in the Academia cemetery. " the students roared, the academia cemetery is meant for the school's dead professors, old students who were gurus and big people. Gori would be the first students to be buried in there.
"The school would make sure the culprits are brought to book." There was another uproar. "...and finally, the school is ready to give all his siblings free scholarship to student any course of their choice." Applauses were flying everywhere. He dropped the mic and stepped down the podium.
"Lastly, let's respect the dead! A minute silent for our fallen hero."

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