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Thursday, 15 February 2018


"Shadow, what do you want from me?" He dawned on him that the devil reincarnate was sitting opposite him.
"I know you know I knew you know what I'm capable of doing. I can kill you and hang your headless body at the school's pavilion?"
"I don't have any business with you, dear shadow!" He was losing his patient, what Gori said had already sent a cold shiver down his spine.
"Let me perform a little magic for you..." He smiled. He stood up,adjusted his 'Shadow'-customised cap and stood up, he walked round the office looking for any available teddy bear but could not find one. He saw a cushion pillow lying on a chair. He picked it up and walked back to Yusuf Mohammed, he dropped the pillow on the couch as he sat back. He touched the pillow thrice, laid it on the desk, then started squeezing his hands asif he was squeezing washed clothes, the pillow started shrinking till it was shredded. Yusuf Mohammed gasped, he was sure the Shadow could do and undo.
"I am a Sirgreen, always a dangerous green snake under a green grass..."
"...buh definitely not a black mamba? Or what do you think." Gori grinned.
"See, Shadow or whatever you are, I've been a member of this family before your dead father met your sick mum" he said, Gori snarled, picked a dagger and stabbed Yusuf on his left palm, the later screamed.
"Argghhh!" He could not believe what was happening, he was stabbed and it entered! It had never happened, Gori must be a ghost as it was rumored.
"That's for a start, Mr. Yusuf, that's I know you wanted to live for your wife especially your new amaria, your families in Sokoto would miss you as you know you are the breadwinner of your house of your wives houses... I doubt if you wanted to live?" He pressed the dagger more into his already pierced palm. Yusuf screamed, he could not go through much pain anymore.
"Yusuf, let us have a matured talk or else, I will kill you! Is that clear? Yusuf nodded in affirmation.
"When does the Green started?"
"So it would be thirty years this year?"
"Yes.." He grinned in pain.
"Any plans to celebrate the birth this year? Yusuf paused, he shouldn't do this buh he was in pains.
" yes... In a bloody way..."
"...who is the leader of the green?"
"Gori, no one knows... " he paused and thought for a while, if he succeeded being on the good books of Gori, he could escaped being killed.
"...but." He continued.
"..but what"
"It was rumored that Sangoyode was the leader of the green but to me, I think the leader is a woman..." He dropped the bombshell.
"A woman?" Gori was getting fed up, he was already fuming.
"Yes... I stumbled into the Green's strong room a very long time ago, the strong room is where the leader always stays to communicate with the members. I saw his... his... It was a she... I know her quite well..." He started coughing.
"You know her?" Gori asked curiously.
"Y...e...s" he was coughing harder.
"Who is she?" Gori was already on his feet, he knew if he could know who their leader was, then, the battle was over.
"She..." He was still coughing, but now, he was coughing out blood.
"What?" Gori was pacing around the room, he walked to Yusuf and touched his forehead, he knew he was going to die. No one dared the green and its secrets. Gori brought out a gun, aimed it at Yusuf.
"I beg you in the name of Allah..." He paused as he spat blood. "My children... I've two wives... I've a mother ... and a grandma... Everyone is looking up to me... Please, spare me..." He cried, Gori's heart sank, he lowered the gun.
"Yusuf, see, even if I don't kill you, you are definitely going to die. You can't just leak out the true identity of the green..." He stared at Yusuf Mohammed, for the first time in a while, he felt pity for someone. Oluwo told him he does not have a heart, how posiibly could he felt pity for someone. He moved closer to Yusuf, a look into the poor man's eyes, he saw a good man who was struggling to survive.
"You are a good man, ain't you?" He asked as a squatted beside Yusuf.
"I've been living all my life in the darkness, I was lured. I never wanted to be a part of them. It was my favourite daughter, and now it is me. Gori, spare me... I have alot of people to live for. My wives are full-house wives, Gori, please spare me..." Gori stood up.
"If I don't kill you now, just resign and go back to your state." Gori said and disappeared into the wall.
"Please, Gori, I need to go back to the North. I've spoken with my friend in Abuja and he had promised to fix me up in the university of Abuja. As you can see, I have a few years to retire, Let me go back to somewhere close to my state..." He begged.
"Yusuf, what will happen to your membership?"
"In the cooperative? See, forget that one koh. I'm home sick."
"Cooperative? I mean as a Sirgreen."
"Sheybi it is twice a month, I can always come for the meetings." He lied.
"Then you have to wait and discuss it with the members of the green during the next meeting, you know I'm not the only one controlling this institution."

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