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Thursday, 15 February 2018


"I'm quitting, I am backing off!" He dropped the cigarette on the floor and matched it.
"Goriola, you can't back out now... Please..." Sulaiman Olagbegi stood begging, Gori was his last hope.
"My wife is squattering around, I can't even walk out freely... I need happiness... I can't go back to school either."he lamented
"If you back out now, what would happen to all you've laboured for? Why not just finish this up and take the medal for doing that... Gori, please. "
"Excellency Sir, Green is a very complicated and dangerous fraternity, you were aware of what I went through before killing Jack. You can't underestimate the kind of power they possessed. Now, come to think of it, this people don't even know the identity of their leader for the past thirty year. If you ask this person, he would say it's a man, if you ask another, he would tell you it's a woman.. See I want to travel with my wife and start a new life in Canada. I'm not interested in whatever this people does!" He fumed, Sulaiman looked into his eyes and he could only see a frustrated broken man.
"You don't care about Ken's revenge too? He died to save you, Gori."
"...if only I had known, I would have accepted EKSU admission offer."
"If you quit now, it means those people who thought they defeated Ken are going to laugh at you. You will be defeated..." His arms were akimbo
"Defeated...!" He looked into Sulaiman's eyes, he wanted to turn back the hands of time.
"Take this." Sulaiman handed him a newspaper.
"What a Bleep! Five girls? Why are they linking their death to me!" He reread the headlines and threw the papers into the air.
"They will keep killing innocent souls, thereafter, linking their death to you, the shadow." He scoffled.
"Let them suit themselves!" He answered in defence.
"Check this out to..." He handed hima mother paper.
"Damn!" He flung the paper, got hold of a wrap of weed, lit it and took a long drag.
"I won't spare their family!" His eyes were read already. He brought out a dagger, flung it in the direction of Sulaiman who was too dull to see his death coming, by the time he realised, the dagger had missed him with just an inch.
"Gori, what's that? You wanna kill me?" He said trying to recover from the shock.
"I won't miss this if it was a green!" He smiled, Sulaiman clapped, the end of his enemies were near only if he knew.
"They want to exhume the grave and bring out my corpse as if I died at first? Silly people with dumb skull." He smiled.
"Sangoyode has hired trained detectives and SARS oh... You know all these DSS too."
"Even if he hired the Satan himself, I'll kill them all..." He said as he stormed out.
"John Anifowose, it's been a long time..." John sprang up, even the bodyguard in his office was shocked, how did the short man entered, he did not see him open the door.
"Who are you?" The bodyguard brought out a short gun and aimed it at Gori.
"Don't try rubbish with me, gentleman." The bodyguard corked the gun but no bullet was coming out... He pulled the trigger four more times and nothing happened. He dropped the gun and raised his hands in defeat. He was expecting his death.
"Don't're not going to die atkeast not anytime soon..." He brought out his dagger and aimed it at John, John knew he was in for it, he had lose a son and now it was his life.
"Go..go...Gori... I'll do anything... This is my chequebook and ATM cards... Do anything you want with them... My ATM password is 4656."
"We meet again... The first time we met, you were after my life but now, I am the one after your own life." He smirked. "Oga, you and your bodyguard will have to follow me somewhere..." He stood up and headed towards the door, the twomen followed suit.
"But wait, you guys are thinking of raising alarm when we get out there?" He laughed. " no one can see or hear you you..."
"This shadow is doing a good job o or what do you think? I'm a great fan joo." One of the spectators said.
"But wait o, why is this shadow killing everybody?" A badmouthed girl asked.
"Killing everybody ke?" The first guy asked.
"Were you not aware of the fact that he killed five girls recently?" A fair skinned lady questioned.
"He was roped joo... Shadow will always leave a note." The guy convinced.
The policemen arrived in a white bus and an ambulance, they got out of the van and approached the corpse.
"God! Must there always be dead bodies and murder cases in this school every week?" A frustrated police officer asked. He picked up the note and handed it over to officer Jakande.
" This is John Anifowose, age 69, a member of the deadliest fraternity responsible for the death of a lot of students especially ladies. He died in my hands, all thanks to my almighty dagger#smile. 1 gone, 6 more
Signed - shadow of the green. "
Officer Jakande sighed, late Senator John Anifowose was not a lecturer, what was happening?.

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