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Friday, 16 February 2018


"CP... You mean all these things have been happening since tow thousand and eleven?" Inspector Jude, a fine handsome man in his late thirsties asked standing at ease, he was stunned. How come he was not aware till the death of the deputy's son and an ex-senator.
"Jude, I want you to work together with Detective Irabor and Officer Jakande... I received a call through the Governor that the president is interested in this case... All criminals must be brought to book."
"Alright sir." Inspector Jude said and went away.
"If you guys keep arguing, we are notgoimg to achieve anything o" Irabor warned. Detective Irabor was the country's most respected detective. He was so smart and deligent in his works and he had been awarded times without number but Officer Jakande and Inspector Jude were giving him a tough time, both were claiming being inferior... None wanted to be summissve to another.
"Irabor, do you think I can work with this dumb skull?" Jude asked pointing at Officer Jakande.
"Who paired me with such an arrogant fellow like you?" Officer Jakande shot back.
"Let's get to business.... Are y'all with ya jotters?" Irabor asked authoritatively, both nodded. "Good" he commended.
"Jakande, you've been at the crime scenes for how many times now?" Irabor asked.
"Thrice. I got posted to the division three months back."the other two were busy jotting
"Can you tell us what you saw?"
"The first was when Deputy's son was killed along some other three people.... The second was when some five ladies were killed.... The third was when Senator died."
"Is there any similarities in their death?" Jude questioned.
"Uhn... Yes... The said shadow always leave a note behind giving enough details about his victims... But about the death of the five ladies.... I'm a bit skeptical about it... The first and the last had things in common... Same handwriting, full details, and always with a dagger..." He explained.
"How about the second murder?"
"...ehm... To me, it's like someone is working using the shadow as a cover...because,..." He adjusted in his seat. "The handwriting... And...and... Their death was without a reason which the shadow wouldn't do..."
"What other information do you have about the said shadow?" Irabor questioned.
"Ehm... It's like he's avenging the death of some people... Or probably trying to eradicate a cult big confraternity..."
"A big..?" Jude asked abit confused.
"Yeah... The Green.... It's not a popular Cult like the Eiye confraternity and others... This said shadow exposed lots of things about this said cult group.. Everything is well documented here..." He brought out some A4 paper and handed it over to the two officers. There was silence as both were engrossed with the typed paper.
"We have to visit the cemetary o.." Irabor suggested.
"Maybe there is more than one shadow o... Moreso, we have to be fast About whatever we are going to do o... There are twelve more souls to be saved." Jude said.
"...about those twelve souls... we have to interview them to know their relationship with the occultic groups... Both green and the young green" Jude added.
"Jude, are you blind? This guy mentioned just seven names and he had killed one remaining six, the other six young greens are anonymous for now..." Jakande attacked.
"Irabor, can you hear this fool again?"
"You guys should just stop all this poo!" Irabor cautioned.
"See... Tell him to be careful oooo"
"We have to divide ourselves at this stage ooo..." Irabor stated, he rested his back and adjusted his spectacules.
"How?" Jude and Jakande asked.
"We have two tasks ahead... One, to exhume his body, send him for a forensic autopsy... What killed him? We will perform a DNA test too.... Two, we need to interview the six supposed members of the green... Thirdly, we need to interview those prominent students who took part in his death protest and his wife." Irabor highlighted.
"Brilliant..." Jakande commended as they both clapped.
"Jakande, you will have to handle interviewing the Students and his pregnant since you know your way around here..." He instructed, Jakande frowned.
"Jude, you will interview the..."
"Irabor.... Who do you think you are! I'm superior here man! How dare you order me around!!! Are you...?"
"Jude, we need to work as a team abeg! Can you just bring down your ego?" Jakande cautioned. ".... Or have you forgotten the president sent him?" Jude felt defeated, he was the state's local champion.
"I will see to the forensics... But Jakande, I will need your help here... You have to follow me to the cemetary."
"Always ay your service." Jakande stood up and shunned.
February 12,2015
Three weeks later, The university. James Chukwuka was in his office, he had been feeling sick since the previous day and some drugs were being administered to him through his daughter who was a nurse. He glanced at his watch and knew it was time for him to take his medications. He reached out for his medicine when he heard a footstep, he raised his head and saw his worst nightmare, it was the shadow.
"Gori..."he almost jumped out of his skin. He had been feeling sick recently. Especially since the death of his son and with the recent death flying around, he had been going in and out of the school clinic.
" afternoon to you, my able prof." Gori adjusted his face cap as he sat on one of the leather chair in the exquisite office room.
"Please, don't kill me.... I don't deserve to die such a shameful death..." He begged.
"Do you know why I killed John Anifowose? He was so stubborn and foolish... I spared Yusuf because he coperated. I will ask you just one question and I will spare you..."
"I am willing to answer any question..." He sprang up, he let loose of his tie.
"Who is the leader of the green?"
"Uhn..." He paused. "I don't really know.... Some said it is Sangoyode. Some said its a woman but that day that I stumbled on him in the strong room, with the look of thing... The leader is an old man." Gori got vexed, he needed nothing else from him, he brought out his dagger and stabbed John multiple times. He was vexed, those people were playing on his intelligence. At first, it was Sangoyode, later, a woman and now, an old man! He would kill them all and use their skulls to buy pap. Iyalaya anybody.

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