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Sunday, 18 February 2018


"Jakande, how far with the interview?" Irabor asked, his mind was in the sachet of fanyogo he was licking.
"Irabor, we are talking critical issues here and you are there licking fan yogo!!! Are you this daft!!!" Jude cautioned,Jakande chuckled, he was about cautioning the old man too... Fanyogo is meant for children.
"Jude... I assumed you never said that... Fanyogo is my favourite drink and I get my inspirations from it"
"From fanyogo? What sort of detective is this?"Jude cursed under his breath.
"Inspirations? You mean... I mean do you sing?" Jakande asked
"As a detective..." He was already on his feet, he walked towards the waste basket and disposed the empty sachet of fanyogo, the others eyes trailed along. "... You need to be so wise because all these criminals are more wiser than you thought... I get those wisdom only when I take fanyogo..." He was lightning a wrap of weed already.
"Hope you are not smoking that here sha?" Jakande questioned.
"Why not? A wrap of weed plus a sachet of fanyogo makes a path where there seems to way." He puffed out smoke..
"Can we get back to business?" Jude gave him a scornful look.
"... I could not meet with his girlfriend.. But i met with the SUG president and some students too." He cut in.
" tell us the outcome of the interview."
"You're Olu right." Jakande asked as he brought out a pen and a piece of Paper.
"Yes, the president of ...." The tall guy explained.
"I know... I am Officer Jakande."
"I know you. We've met a couple of time."
"So Olu, we're trying to track down the notorious shadow, what can you tell us about him?"
"Shadow is a wonderful man... He is our savior."
"How do you mean?" He frowned, how could the government worse enemy be the students savior.
"Mr Jakande..."
"Officer Jakande." He corrected...
"I repeat, whosoever shadow is, he needs to be commended."
"How? Olu, you're a public figure, don't you know? When you are saying all these, what do you expect from the students you are governing? Don't you know this shadow is a treat to the school and community at large? Don't you know he is the government worse enemy?"
"Mr... Officer Jakande, I am the SUG president, the voice of the students... I am happy to tell you that we are all in support of the shadow.)
"In support? So the shadow is one of you."
"Either he is one of us or not, he is our super hero. He is fighting our battle."
"What battle?"
"At least, we lose an hundred students in a year to ritualist, Where was the government then? Where was the school's governing councils and VC? And you officers, where were you?!"
"Olu..." He swallowed spit, his words caught him unaware.
"Now that the deputy governor's son and a senator is involved, even the Federal government is interested in bringing shadow to book. Officer, if you want to arrest the shadow, get ready to arrest all the students too."
"Calm down Olu. All these things you are saying can implicate you."
"I don't bloody care!!! All I care is not how much any of those wicked men can offer... What I care for is freedom to all! Most of our us especially our girls are living in fear, some of them have to quit schools and their dreams. Today, five female student are killed, tomorrow, seven girls are dead. Most of their victims who escaped death are no longer human again... They quit school, they lose their memory, they lose their parents, they got pregnant amidst other... Officer, go and tell those that sent you that we don't need their help. We love the shadow and the shadow is ours. I stand with #theshadow."
"Olu, is there any relationship between Gori Fatoyinbo aka G-boy and the shadow."
"I don't know... They thought G-boy was the shadow and that was why he was killed... Now that he is dead, the shadow lives on..."
"Uhn...." He sighed. "When G-boy died, why did you guys held a protest?"
"... He is a philanthropist and a popular guy. He was responsible for over fourty students school fees, he had a young lady who is carrying his baby... They killed him for no reason."
"Do you think he is dead? "
"I don't know.... You can ask Solomon."
"Solomon? Who is he?"
"He is G-boy friend and kinsman... Buh we've buried him, how can a dead man be the shadow? Just let him rest in peace."
"Alright... Can you give me his address?"
"No probs, he stays in Shagari, he's the owner of Sols hostel."
"OK... Thanks... I will see you next time." He stood up and they shook hands, Olu held unto his hands.
"Officer... Can you just back up this case? Let the shadow finish this battle." He loosen his grip, Jakande smiled and left.
They sighed, the students are in support of Shadow.
"Jude... Irabor, I feel for this people... I finished from the university too and I can relate to the pains the students are going through.... This occultic group have been operating from time immemorial. They kill ladies dream... They rape too."
"... Well, this is a government work... Do we have an option? Jude commented.
" Jude, can you give us your reports?" Jude handed them a A4 size sheet.
"I've typed our conversation... The remaining five names listed claimed to know nothing about the confraternity... They claimed their colleagues are the ones their downfall, thereby sending an assassin to kill them.)
" uhn...."
"But guys, there is something more to this case ooo... Do you hear about the death of another lecturer? John Chukwuka?" They nodded in agreement. "Do you guys know he is one of the seven people whose children were killed? " they nodded. "I think we need to keep custody of the other people mentioned o... Person wey get liver kill senator in front of him guards get kidney o... " he dragged his wrapof weed again.
"I'm fed up of this case joo." Jude collected the wrap of weed and took a long drag.
"Thought you were condemning Irabor?" Jakande complained as he took the wrap of weed and took a long drag too..

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