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Wednesday, 28 February 2018


He backed the main door, he poured himself a cup of 9pm, he held the tumbler as he dusted his jean trousers. He was going to make an history... He had sent Yusuf Mohammed to his village but he heard he died three days later after he suffered from a flu. He cried for the man but he knew karma had caught up with him.
Akin Badmus and Adigun Makun walked in, even though they were in their midfifties and early sixties respectively, they were both walking side by side with girls young enough to be their children's children or at most, their children. They settled close to where Gori was, smoking, drinking and merrying with their new victims.
"Susan, the receptionist will take you guys to our rooms now,you guys should wait in there for us." The two Jezebel's descendant rose up and followed the receptionist.
"Badmus, did you hear about the death of Yusuf?" Chukwuka asked in his diluted igboic accent.
"Oga Makun, if I should be truthful, I am scared. Everyone is just dying here and there. In fact, the students can't wait to see our downfall." He looked dejected.
"Badmus, nothing will happen to us joo..." He assured.
"We lost five young greens in a night! Even the senator was not left out. Just look at John Chukwuka and Jack... See, I need to run for my life o..." Akin lamented, he had been having bad dreams lately, dreaming about either being killed or buried. His life was in a mess, he was a young vibrant man before the green came into picture. He was young, charming and ambitious. His over ambitiousness brought him this. It was his wife's inability to bore him children to the death of her only daughter, he heard she was already carrying another man's child. His life was ruined already.
"Akin...akin...." He sprung up, Adigun stared hard at him, he had been topping him for over thirty seconds.
"I...I...I was thinking of my wife..." His heart bled.
"Mummy Kayode?" Adigun asked.
"She has remarried..."
"How about your case in court?"
"Still there... She won at the customary... So I'm sure she will surely wins this."
"No o..."
"She is pregnant sef..." He leaned in the couch.
"What! Pregnant?"
"I wish... I wish..." He paused
"...wishing she could come back?"
"...nope... Wishing to end it all... I want to see the shadow and die..." He closed his eyes, his family was his treasure before it all shattered, a loving wife and a beautiful daughter, his quest for riches and power made him loose all he had worked for.
"How do you mean? Akin, you need to calm down!"
"Oga, I'm depressed, I'm lonely..."
"But you have a wife at home."
"That one... She's just my son's mother. That dullard of a son, that one with a dumb head, a sickle cell! You cannot compare that one to my beautiful Kay. How can I get my wife? I need her in my life!"
"Calm down, Akin. " he was short of words, he bowed his head,buried in his palms. His wife would thought he was probably in a night vigil while he was in a club house. He lived a saintly house at home but outside, he run after everything under skirt. He womanises, drink, smoke and above all, he was occultic. His life was bleeped! A Deeper Life pastor who smokes and drinks, a pastor at home, and the vice leader of the notorious cult group outside. He wanted to run back, no... It was late....
"Oga Badmus."
"Who is the leader of the green?"
"I don't know.."
"You are the vice, Mr. Is it Sangoyode?"
"Akin, it is not Sangoyode... It's a..."
"Then who is he?" He napped. The two men looked up and saw the intruder who made the statement. The young man was holding a tumbler and a dagger! Speaking about the devil, they were having physical encounter with death himself, GORI FATOYINBO!
"I saw him!" She cried, her once smooth face was now a rough one, one of her false lashes had been removed by fervent crying and wiping of her eyes. Had she known.
"Who did you see?" Jude questioned.
"I knew him in school but I am confused!" Susan wiped her nose as her friend, Debby was been carried out of the crime scene. They had both witnessed the brutal murder of Akin Badmus and Adigun Makun.
"Confused or afraid? Jakande questioned.
" he was dead, I remembered going to his burial. Was he possibly be a ghost?" She asked no one in particular.
"Is it Gori Fatoyinbo!" Irabor asked.
"G-boy! Yeah, it was him." The three officers exchanged glances.
"He said they were members of the Green, that he is the Shadow.... One more thing... He said they wanted to use us for rituals... I'm scared!" She screamed as she rubbed her eyes which forced the second false lashes off. If God could save her this last time, she was not going for runs anymore.
"See, we need to do something about what is happening. We can't just sit and watch the shadow fight this fight for us." Olu, the SUG president concluded, other executives nodded.
"How can we help out?" D one, the director for sport asked.
"Interviews, protest would help!" Solo said.
"...moreso, we know the remaining members of the green... The VC and the deputy governor ofcourse!"
"See o... As for me,Funmilola, you guys sha know I'm a lady... I'm not ready to gt rusticated and I cannot come and die before my time! I'm out." She stood up and left,few other executives followed suite,Olu, D one and Solo were the only one left behind.
"What would happen now?" D one asked.
"We will look for the shadow and fight this guys together. I don't mind dying while trying. My dream has always been to live for people. Let's rise to the aid of our female students who keep loosing their lives every now and then. I will fight with my last drop of blood!"
"I am in! I will fight for my dear friend, GBoy... He died trying." Solo commented.
"...and me too" D one added.
"Aluta continua!"
"Victoria asserts!" They hailed.
"Jude, we need to stop all investigations." Irabor ordered
"This case is deep,et this shadow finish his assignment before we arrest him" Irabor explained.
"Why?" The two other officers asked with mouth agape.
"This country is bleeped! See, if shadow is killed, that will be the end of this occultic group. Moreso, who knows of this people are even holding more political powers than we thought... Abeg, make we relax and let him do his job. I'm sure it's that G-boy because Susan testified he was the one... Moreso, the coroner guy said the corpse and the DNA does not match... The corpse na woman sef." He explained draining his sachet of fanyogo.
"Hello Olu, this is Gori Fatoyinbo aka G-boy, the only Shadows of the Green." Olu checked his phone once again, it was a private number.
"Does ghosts receive calls?" He blurted out.
"Who is that?" Solo asked the panicking SUG President.
"Gori... He said he is Gori." Solo snatched the phone immediately.
"Hello G-boy!" He said into the phones receiver.
"Solo my man!"
"You are alive..."
"Yes, fighting the notorious Green." They both sounded happy.
"We are with you bro... Trust us." He raised his knuckles.
"Yes... We are almost there... You guys would have to meet with one Godwin, I will send him to Olu's office tomorrow at exactly twelve noon. You guys should walk on the needful!" He ordered.
"Okay... How do we know he is the one."
"He is going to wear a Red shirt, his body is heavily pierced, he would give you a four digit code too."
"Okay... But G-boy... We need to see you."
"We will all meet at the end!" He said and ended the call.

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