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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Two identical girls.
Two different lives.
Fate brings them together and they live each
other's life unknowingly.
One with barely to no social life or class,works
hard to survive.
The other living a wealthy life with every one at
her call and climbing the ladder to fame.

Chapter one Gabriella's pov
"Store closing in an hour!"
I yelled behind the counter then hurried to serve coffee to my 'favourite customer'. Philip
'Note the sarcasm' . Philip has this evil spirit of tormenting me,like the devil's reincarnate pissing me off daily.
Since the day I 'mistakenly' linked a video of him dancing to Meghan trainor's 'me too' while wearing his dad's sweatpants and shirts on the counter holding a mic few years ago. did i mention that he was wearing a wig? as much as I didn't want to upload those videos but trust me it was hilarious, the video went viral making him a tad bit famous (he should obviously thank me for that) now he still holds the grudge by making me loose my mind as an ideal punishment.
"Stop staring at me like i'm your lost cousin or something,I know I'm handsome but you don't really have to rub it in". He grins cockily, gesturing to his body. I rolled my eyes at his childishness. As I was about giving the cup of coffee to him I tripped and in a twinkle of an eye the coffee was all over Philip's blazers,I stifled a laugh covering my mouth with my hands.
"you spilled hot coffee on me!"he yelled pointing an accusing finger at him,the first thing that came to my mind was to bite it,but I'm not that immature I guess.
"It's not even that hot" I replied bluntly rolling my eyes.
"it doesn't matter, the truth is that you intentionally did it.
"where is your manager,you are so fired". He said stamping his foot on the tiled floor.
"Gabriella!" Mr Thomas, my manager and owner of the 'Toms coffee shop'. "What is going on here?" He questioned narrowing his eyes at me.
"well your employee is what happened!" Philip huffed glaring at me.
"Mr Thomas it wasn't intentional I swear" I held up my hands.
"Am I actually paying you to do that,why should you even engage in a conversation with a customer" he remarked.
' Well actually my monthly salary can't even buy
me a proper dress'. Of course I didn't say that to him,my family depends on it for survival.
"Now apologize to the young man". What! Is this
guy crazy,why would I do that. Philip was just smirking,I wish I could rip it off from His face " why should I apologize,I didn't do anything wrong,anyways I'm older"I said folding my arms. Philip brings out this childish part of me anytime,any day.
"Only with a year" Philip snapped clicking his tongue.
"It still counts" I retorted through gritted teeth.
"Gabriella!!" Mr Thomas yelled then looked at me pursing his lips in disapproval.
" a- am- sooo- rryy". I stammered. But seriously,saying sorry it's not my thing,I agree that I say it to a few but Philip is clearly unexplainable and doesn't deserve my apology.
"I'm waiting". Philip grinned mischievously,he knew I was very uncomfortable at the moment and he finds it amusing.
" i'm-so-so-rry please forgive me",I muttered the sentence. Alright,the blue -eyed dimwit won.
"Now that's more like it", he looked at me snickering.
Gabriella cool down,no need to cause a scene.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
" please forgive her she isn't committed to her work unlike before,when she....."
"Apology accepted" Philip beamed cutting Mr Thomas off from his blather. But I must admit,'philip saved me another lecture from Mr grumpy pants' with his pot belly and really fat ass.
Now,that guy seriously needs a workout.
I got back to the counter packing up. Today's work was so stressful and frustrating unlike the others.
I guess we all know why. Cocky Philip.
I immediately said goodbye to my boss and coworkers,when it was exactly 7:00pm,I went out of the small coffee shop carrying my outdated purse, I got into the bus,put on my earplugs and it zoomed off immediately.
"Gabriella!Gabriella!! Gabriella!!!,a minuscule voice screamed my name waking me up from my beautiful,oh beautiful sleep.
"If u don't get up this instant,I promise to tell Mum on you". The voice threatened.
I scratched my eyes and looked at the figure causing me this great pain. I groaned taking in my little brother's figure.
" Matt,what did I tell you about knocking before you come into my room",I gestured proving my point.
"Well you obviously don't own a door,please Lily and Maddie are outside" oh this is what this is all about.
"How do I look?"... Matt asked fixing his dirty blonde hair with his little fingers.
"little bro,Maddie loves you already" I assured him stifling my laughter.
"Really?" He asked excitedly.
I nodded my head giving him hope.. Well let me tell you guys briefly about my little brother Matt,he has this little crush on my best friend's little sister Maddie,the seven year old thinks he is in love which is a great sight to behold and goes great with popcorn.
"So why don't you go tell Lily I'll be right there in a minute".
" kk",he replied as soon as I was done talking.
I looked at my face in my mirror,looked around me seeing lots of broken junk,let's face it my room looks like a toilet,so little but I try my best to keep it in good shape.
I quickly brushed my teeth and combed my black long hair and tied it into a messing bun.
I ran downstairs to meet Lily,my best friend.
since i moved to this city,making friends wasn't my main priority,until I met Tyler and Lily. My best friends.
"Morning darling", my Mum greeted handing me a chocolate cookie.
"Hmm", Mum did u make this?" I
asked devouring the cookie. Sweets and I have something in common. We are so delightful.
"Of course dear,and don't talk with your mouth full" my mum glared at me.
I rolled my eyes,"OK mum"
Oh Gosh,someone should please hand me a sledge hammer,i need to knock some sense into people around this locality.
"Lily no need to scream,I'm right behind you" I told my best friend blankly.
"Since today is Saturday which means you don't need to go to work and obviously no school-"
"Yes?"I said more like a question,furrowing my brows.
"why don't you come over to my house just for today and I will give you a makeover" she chirped happily. I don't go well with makeup,this is a nightmare!.
"No, please no" I immediately declined remembering the last time she held a scissors close to my head,and how long it took me to wash off the pink dye she applied in my hair last time. I cringed silently.
"Well, aren't you a bowl of sunshine " she rolled her eyes. Then she clicked her fingers and looked at me expectantly.
"I watched quite a few makeup tutorials online and I need to try them out,help me will ya?". Lily begged giving me the puppy eyes.
"No Lily,i won't let you try them on me,go search for a mannequin or something" i offered signing.
"Please Gabriella, with cherry on top" she pouted.
"Not in a million years" I scoffed.
She looked at me with bleary eyes and I signed in defeat.
her face lit up immediately. Yeah,She did it once again,convincing me to escort her to hell.
"Thanks Gabby,you won't regret it". She dragged me out of my door.
Well I hope I don't look like a grim reaper instead.

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