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Friday, 9 February 2018


"Doctor,please what is wrong with my child!" I shouted scratching my head with my Long nails. I gave birth to an identical set of twins two days ago and I was deprived from seeing one of them.
"Please ma'am your other twin is still in the intensive care unit,she is suffering from a spinal cord injury" she said bluntly,i know she is so used to giving people bad news.
"Oh my" I whispered. where am I going to start from?,I'm just a single mother of twins. Why me,their father ran off after hearing that I was pregnant and having twins. He called me bad
luck, which I will never forget.
I heard my first twin Gabriella cry, I immediately carried her and started patting her back while kissing her. "My baby it's alright" I whispered. "Your sister will be OK I promise".
I walked to the room where my baby is being laid,seeing her through the glass,her name Daniella was written in a piece of cardboard and pasted beside her bed to differentiate her from others. fresh tears gushed down and I was feeling totally denied and abandoned.
I don't have any money to take care of a child not to talk of two with one of them really sick.
I touched the glass staring into my baby's eyes she was awake searching for a mother to feed and care for her.
I cried pushing myself down feeling hurt and dejected.
Why should you suffer for my mistakes, i'm a stupid mother and a disgrace to all mothers. I cried out loud shouting and screaming.
" please ma'am stop your shouts this is a hospital in case you have forgotten"an old lady with a nurse's uniform with a name tag 'Hannah' said glaring at me.
I stood up looking at my daughter for the last.
Stay right there Daniella, I'm coming to get you my child.
I whispered before speeding off with Gabriella.
Two weeks later
I went back to the same hospital feeling angry at myself for leaving my daughter,but I had the assurance that she was OK and everything would be fine.
I opened the main entrance door leading to the hospital but I didn't forget to disguise my self.
When I was finally inside I ran through the stairs and into the intensive care unit bumping into a lady or should I say lady Hannah.
" For Pete's sake" she muttered loud enough for me to hear
"I'm so sorry miss" I begged whilst searching the ward shamelessly with tears threatening to be revealed. I couldn't find my baby.
I turned to the lady "please where is the little girl suffering from a spinal cord injury,I can't find her" I asked nervously.
She looked at me angrily " oh you are her mother you witch" she spat.
"No you are mistaken" I lied."I saw her about two weeks ago and her mother crying herself to death,so I decided to check on her". I rushed still panting for breath..

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