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Sunday, 11 February 2018


"Ohh i'm so sorry,it's just that the child's mother abandoned her and it is really cruel of her"". No I
didn't abandon her I went to search for money to
take care of her.
"ohh" that's all I could say,but where is she now?" I asked curiosity lacing in my eager tone.
"The little girl was born with luck I guess". The nurse smiled remembering something.
"What do you mean?" I asked at the peak of tears.
"A very wealthy couple,adopted her seeing her condition and paid for her medical bills and all"." And due to their childlessness took her as their own".
"Some people are really nice and thoughtful" the nurse continued to blabber on but I was speechless trying to take in all what she has just said. Oh my
gosh!! my child is gone.
I cried unaware of the stares given to me. The nurse looked at me,hands in her pocket like i'm crazy. I heard her mumbling something along the line 'attention seeker' she scoffed and went away.
3 months later
Cleaning my dried tears,I've been seriously thinking about Daniella for the past three months now. I haven't even taken any thing tangible but I guess I have to stay strong for Gabriella.
I kissed my baby on the cheek. seeing her sleeping was a good sight to behold,she looked so adorable and tiny. I held her little hands gently pushing a strand of her perfectly gelled black hair behind her ears and stared into her sea green eyes what a
lovely face you've got there little one.
But I couldn't stop my self from thinking too much. She looked exactly like Luke her father,the scoundrel who abandoned me when I needed him the most. I stood up gently not to wake her up and tiptoed to the bathroom washing my face and combing my tangled blonde hair.
I wonder what Daniella is been fed right now,is
she hungry?,is she maltreated?,do they really love
her?,is her health OK now?.
I asked myself those questions without expecting a reply.
"Martha Grey,what's all that ruffling about or do u wanna wake up our little Gabby". My Mum raised her eyebrows then glared at me.
" i'm sorry mum". I answered still not looking at her.
My mum decided to move in with me after my delivery,she was not really happy about my relationship with Luke,Gabriella and Daniella's father. She even warned and advised me on it,but I didn't listen,now see what it turned out to be.
"She is so precious" my Mum squealed silently, pecking Gabriella on her lips. She turned to me making herself comfortable on the mini couch. "So when will you get a job?" she asked suddenly.
I shook my head,I didn't even think of that,we've been spending the money I searched for for Daniella's treatment since she was adopted.
I picked up the newspaper given to me by Martins our neighbour. Looking through some celebrities pictures,my eyes landed on an available job. I froze when I saw a pic of Daniella,I know my daughter so well she is indeed her. I laughed so hard shaking the paper,my Mum got up immediately staring at me curiously.
"What happened?". She asked trying to get a view as to what made me happy.
" Mum it's my baby,it's Daniella"I shouted. I saw the shock on her face and she immediately gestured me to read on .
I read the part aloud 'we are in need of a nanny for our 3 months old baby,interested applicants should come into the resident below for an interview'.
I jumped up and hugged my Mum.
"What if she isn't the one Martha,don't give yourself false hopes my dear". Such a kill joy.
I ignored her knowing full well it's my baby.
We jumped in shock hearing a loud cry coming from the couch.
I laughed realising that we woke Gabriella up and carried her trying to put her back to sleep.
I will finally get to see my baby after so long .
I hope u enjoyed reading this,promise to work on
my next chapter,so what do you guys think about
it,pls drop your comments about ur thoughts and
like. Love ya.

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