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Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Oh no!
" What about the child,please tell me she didn't go with them" I rushed amidst of tears.
"I'm sorry my dear she went with them"
That does it. I laid down on the floor,crying,screaming and cursing myself for my misfortune. I agree with Luke,I'm nothing but a bad luck.
I covered my mouth with my hands screaming my lungs out, i' m doomed ,my baby,just give me one
more chance to correct my mistakes lord. I silently prayed.
The old woman squatted in my position looking down on me with pity,she gently brushed back my hair with her fingers, I gulped and faced her with my really unappealing face. I mean who cares right now.
"A problem shared is half solved my dear" she smiled lightly cleaning my face.
What do I do now,should I trust her,what if she insults me or tries to bail on me in the future,or should I at least confide in her. I picked the latter I narrated more of my life's history to her,she didn't interrupt, what amused me the most was that she didn't judge me and I really respect her for that.
"What if I never see her again,I don't want that please" I confessed whilst sniffing and trying to hold in more tears.
"Don't say that,she will come around even if it's in the future but she will come" she assured me taking my palm into hers.
"But i'm the cause of everything,now my two children are separated, I should be murdered right now to end all of this"
"Fine go commit suicide and end all this,don't forget that you have little Gabby to go home to,my dear don't just think about yourself,only think about your beautiful two children. " now I have seen where Daniella got her beauty traits from" she smiled hugging me
"Really?" I hugged her back.
"Really" she confirmed "don't think about all this too much,maybe its for the better who knowns" she shrugged standing up and trying to get me back on my feet too.
"Thank you so much ma'am, I wouldn't have taken this alright without you" I honestly thanked her.
She smiled adjusting her gown.
"Please call me Juliet I'm not as old as you think but- anyways you are always welcome just come here if you need an helping hand" she smiled looking at me.
"One more thing ma- I mean Juliet" I corrected my self,she smiled.
"Please don't tell anyone about this,I beg of you. It's better to keep it within us. I don't want any complications thereafter,can I trust you with that?" I took her hand looking really sincere now.
"Don't worry-" She paused for a second "you never told me your name"
"I'm Martha,Martha grey" I beamed cheerfully.
"Your secret is safe with me" she gestured while pretending to seal her mouth with her fingers and throwing the imaginary key away. I laughed at the minuscule act.
"I think it's time for me to go now" I told her wiping my face and running a hand through my already messy hair.
"You don't have to go now,why don't we go inside and have a drink" she pouted looking at me with pleading blue -green eyes.
"I would love to but-Gabriella must be awake now"
She nodded her head in understanding "and so you know I was the nanny of Mr Anderson,Daniella's foster dad. that's why i'm here actually,he treats me like his Mum since she died when he was a little kid" she frowned.
I hugged and thanked her for what looked like the hundredth time today "I won't ever forget you"
She nodded again saying the same,she waved at me signaling me to go.
I left not before looking at the building for the last time seeing Juliet's retreating figure going into the gate,I hugged myself feeling the tears all the way up. I won't ever see my baby again and that all it takes for me falling apart all over again.
That's pretty much how everything began. I almost
cried whilst writing this actually,but promise there
is still more to come.
Teaser:Gabriella POV
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