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Friday, 16 February 2018


"It's my tooth see" he smiled showing the space left between his teeth and literally shoving his broken teeth into my eyes.
I put his hands down,"Mummy said I should keep it under my pillow for the tooth fairy to see"
I smiled,when I was his age I didn't even believe in them. When I was a kid,my mum tried to convince me on the magical tooth fairy but I laughed and smacked her on the butt yelling "sponge bob got my mum's brain! Sponge bob got my mum's brain!"
"Mummy's right"I smiled putting him down to the ground,I ruffled his hair slightly and tickled him. he laughed so hard almost falling to the dirty floor. I stopped and walked him home.
I finally got to my street,my jaw dropped seeing my Mum begging some people who I pray it's not.
Oh no.
The loan sharks, not again!,I ran to them trying to stop them from entering into my home. My Mum collected a loan to start up a business,but she couldn't pay back. The last time they came here I assured them that the money will be given to them but I lied.
I bit my fingers anxiously trying to think of a solution.
"leave Tyler to the case" I heard Tyler my childhood friend and also the son to our mayor he smirked removing my hairband. I hit him hard on his shoulder and smiled seeing him in pain.
"Ouch that's gonna leave a mark" he whined rubbing the spot.
"Oh is the Almighty Tyler in pain" I teased wriggling my brow,he groaned slightly glaring at me.
"Hmm- mm as much as you guys look cute together but we are in some kind of crisis,look" my Mum pointed at the loan sharks. Oh I almost forgot.
I rolled my eyes I mean Mum always had the idea of the both of us been compatible and in a relationship. It's like oil and water we all know that they dont get along well,Tyler is really cute I must admit he has hazelnut eyes, dark brown hair and a dimple on his left cheek just like mine.
Tyler handed the loan sharks a paper,they went off after apologizing to my Mum and I. Effect of being the mayor's son.
"What did you do" I turned to Tyler seeing him grin.
"I did what I had to" he shrugged stepping really close. I looked directly in his hazel eyes.
"I don't need your help,we are more than capable in dealing with our problems Tyler" I frowned playing with my fingers.
"I know Gabriella, you said it countless of times but see what happened today" he stepped back engaging in a conversation with my mum. My mum thanked him and went inside.
"Hmm- thank- you" I muttered
"And what was that?" he asked cupping his ear.
I rolled my eyes at his childish behaviour.
"Thank you silly!!" I yelled in his ears.
"Geez! you didn't need to scream"
"You made me do it" I defended myself. "But you didn't have to really"
He took my palm playing with it,"I will do more if it means keeping you safe"he smirked staring directly in my sea green eyes.
He was about saying something but stopped himself by shaking his head and coughing uncontrollably.
"Oh Tyler got the flu" I sang running into my house.
"Oh no I don't!" I heard him yell behind me. but i'm more worried about him getting to me,so I ran as if my life depended on it. Well it actually does.

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