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Sunday, 18 February 2018


Daniella's pov
something 'bout you makes me feel like a
dangerous woman. I heard my phone ring and vibrate. "What the heck!" I exclaimed reaching for my phone at the night stand.
I picked it up "finally" I mean I'm too lazy to get up so I got to stretch in order to reach it, don't you
dare judge me.
Looking at the contacts name I signed,"Bethany of all people should know that I dont take calls at this ungodly hour"I murmured it's just 3am,what is so important that she couldn't have waited till tomorrow,I love my best friend really I do but she sometimes scares me.
"Yes Beth, what can I help you with?" I asked in an annoyed tone. I paused hearing sniffing and whimpering from the other end what! Is she crying.
"Beth what's wrong,what happened?" I asked again anxiously. it's not every time she gets all soft,she doesn't like showing her vulnerability too much. So this is a big deal people!
"Dan-iella it's (sniff) ja (sniff) son"
She replied in between her sobs. what does this guy not understand about me holding a knife and his balls on the ground and bleeding to death. I
swear,I dont mind attending his funeral.
"What did he do this time?" I questioned weakly.
"Well he-" I heard her blowing her nose at the end of the line and i felt her pain.
"Tell me Beth,what did he do?" I urged her to continue.
"He kissed me Daniella,I mean I tried to stop him but he was so stubborn. I looked so vulnerable in front of him" she cried even harder,i'm not used in giving people advice so i'm clearly a novice here.
"When did this happen and why wasn't I with you?" I inquired feeling guilty for not being by her side when she needed me the most.
"We were at Melissa's party the one you clearly rejected at her face remember?" She scoffed. her voice getting back to normal. Now,that's the beth I know,now moving on to the conversation.
"Oh the thought of her annoys me" I sneered shuddering.
"You've said that since we were ten" she pointed out.
"Remind me why we are still on her?" I rolled my eyes rolling on my back on the bed. Melissa and I always had this beef since we were little she always sees herself as superior,bumptious and annoys me at the little sight she's got. like the day i went to the toy shop with my dad when I was ten. I fell in love with a particular barbie rock star doll holding a mic,I always had this passion for music so I picked it up only to discover Melissa eyeing it. I pulled the doll away from her but guess what I got,she started ranting about her picking it first. long story short. My dad gave it to her saying I was the mature one and she smirked her way out of the shop. That little devil was all I said.
"Daniella you still there!" Bethany shouted at the other end. I removed the phone from my ears and rubbed it.
"Jeez girl!"
"Well you totally suck at giving people advice" she stated as a matter-of-fact. Like I don't know that already.
"Beth look it's obvious,you still love Jason but what I don't get is why he called it off, he didn't even tell you why" I said rolling on my left.

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