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Monday, 26 February 2018


"I know Babes but I couldn't help it, when he looked at me at the party with that gullible and innocent pretty face of his-" she trailed off "-i almost collapsed,don't you feel the same for Jared?" I blushed at the mention of his name.
"I wish I can just be like you,you have the best parents,you are a great singer and performer and really- really talented now you will soon get engaged to your crush and I'm being here trying to get over my ex" she sniffed.
"Babe you are just as great, don't look down on yourself,you have your modelling career,your friends and especially me. who cares about Jason" I assured her and i can feel her crying again.
"Thanks Daniella you are the best"
" i know right,Now how am I going to get back to sleep" I stood up going to the mirror.
"Milk will do" she advised.
"Whatever Beth, now go to bed and I will take care of Jason" I laughed.
"Kk" was all I heard before dropping my phone on the nightstand and going down the stairs,I tiptoed not to wake up Mum and dad. I went into the kitchen pulled out a bottle of milk from the fridge and some leftover cookies from yesterday, Mum mustn't find out about the cookies,she warned me never to eat too much sugar.
I headed back to my room whistling one of my favourite songs 'shape of you' and jumped on my queen sized bed thinking of Jared before drifting to my dream land.
"Good morning Mum,Dad" I greeted my parents pouring some coffee in my personal mug,I slightly smirked seeing my face drawn on the mug,my parents also had theirs.
"Good morning sweetheart" my mum greeted back kissing me on the cheek.
"Danie bear" my dad replied looking up from his tablet, smiling he knows how much I hated that nickname.
"Dad don't call me that,i'm no longer five" I whined with a frustrated sign.
"But you loved it" he frowned. Oh please.
"Yeah I loved it,but not anymore" I stated sitting on my dad's mini bar stool in the kitchen
"You will always be my Danie bear" he chuckled typing some thing on his minicomputer, business matters obviously .
"Ms Daniella,what would you like for breakfast" our cook lady kira asked.
"Well scrambled eggs and bacon will do" I responded,she nodded and went away. I didn't miss my mum's glare on my food choice but I shrugged.
"Thomas should we tell her now?" My Mum asked my dad shifting her eyes from me to my dad.
"Tell me what?" I inquired wrinkling my forehead.
"Well Jared and his parents will be having dinner with us today" my mum smiled.kira came in bringing my food she left after words.
"Really?" I asked excitedly my mum nodded going away. I will get to see Jared now, I'm so so excited,I bite my lips nervously.
I kissed my dad goodbye and went in my buggati veyron and drove off to school.
How do u do lovely people,if you noticed some
errors or mistakes on my writing please kindly
point it out. I know I don't really update pretty fast
but if I take a lot of time to update,I promise it
will be two to three chapters.
Teaser:Gabriella's POV and more about her school
and friends..

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