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Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Hearing loud ruffling sounds coming from my bed I simply ignored it smiling lightly and trying to go back to sleep. Suddenly I felt someone pull my duvet from my body but still didn't mind. After a few minutes I didn't hear any rough sounds I smiled in victory thinking that the person perhaps gave up. Oh no I was wrong because i heard loud footsteps and I was pushed over falling face first on the tiled floor.
"What the hell!" I exclaimed trying to pull my self back up. I heard snickering from the other end of the room and glared at the person which is no other than Tyler. Oh God please forgive me for
what i'm about to do.
I grabbed Tyler by his collar and pulled him on my study chair trapping him between my hands,I gave him hard slaps on his head continuously.
"Cool it down woman. I was only trying to wake you up,you should thank me you know" he whined getting loose from my trap and holding my hands up. I narrowed my eyes at him.
"For what you twat" I spat really annoyed.
"Look at the time G it's clearly 7:30 and school Starts by 7:45" he pointed at the wall clock Oh
geez I overslep t.
"Yes I know you overslept" he pat my head
. "Your expression says it all" he chuckled.
"Then what are you doing here?" I inquired furrowing my brow.
"Yeah I know Lily is supposed to take you to school but she had something to take care of so she called me" he smirked.
"Oh I get now" I scratched my eyes.
"get your lazy ass to the bathroom" he instructed stretching his hands.
I smirked at his choice of words.
"Now!" He yelled. oh right bathroom . I ran down stairs heading to the bathroom
"And you are welcome by the way!" He called from upstairs,I rolled my eyes at him throwing him a kiss,he caught it and placed it on his lips. I shook my head. well that was weird.
I opened the bathroom door only to discover Matt my little brother singing the theme song of teenage mutant ninja turtle while scrubbing his back he held his sponge using it as his mic.
"Ahh!" He screamed at the top of his lungs seeing me leaning on the wall smirking at him. "Gabby you scared me,close the door will you" he pointed at the door I did as he said rolling my eyes.
"Will you please hurry up i'm really late for school Matt" I pouted. he laughed. how was that funny.
" I need to get squeaky clean you know for- Maddie" he said like he was talking about the weather.
" what if I get my phone right now and take a pic of you then send it to Maddie" I laughed wickedly folding my arms.
"No no please don't do that,I will do anything" he begged.
"I just need you to hurry up with whatever you are doing" I pointed at him using my tooth brush "and-"
"I'm done" he smiled getting out of the bathtub.
and that's more like it. I giggled.
I got into the bath tub not before locking the door I heaved a sign of relief as the warm water hit my skin sending pleasures. I hurriedly showered wearing my favourite mickey mouse robe and got back to my room to find Tyler dozing off,I shook my head smiling.

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