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Wednesday, 28 February 2018


I scanned through my ward rope looking for a comfy clothe,I got a demin jeans,tank top and a hoodie I mean it's freezing out there and I really don't like showing off much skin,I picked a pair of black converse and got back down stairs to get changed in the bathroom,as much as Tyler is my childhood friend but I won't have him seeing me naked.
I brushed my black straight hair and tied it in a messy bun,I sprinted back to my room holding my backpack. I woke Tyler and we both got down again. So much work for having just one
"Wait,ain't you having breakfast?" He questioned eyeing me.
"No time for that,we are running out of time" I rushed grabbing his arm.
"Wait" he stopped me. now what.
"What about Matt?"
"Matt get down here please" I called.
"Coming" he called back. I went to the kitchen putting in the pancakes covered in maple syrup Mum made into a brown paper bag and sealed closed with a shimmering heart sticker and a juice box then handed it to Matt,he smiled asking "what's in it" I simply shrug taking him out of the house. I locked it and put the keys under the doormat..
We stepped into Tyler's minivan,we dropped off Matt at his elementary school and headed to ours.
Tyler pulled over at our school's parking lot,I got out of the car with Tyler following behind. I rolled my eyes at the amount of stares at my direction,some where fanning over Tyler while others sent icy glares more like daggers to me,they haven't gotten over the fact that a hot jock being the best friend of a geek like me.
I ignored most of their bickering and face palmed when a redhead dramatically fainted after a wink from Tyler,I knew he was enjoying the tension he created whenever he is around.
A blonde cheerleader who I recognised as Emma swirled her way in the large amount of students. her eyes wandered around the student bodies until they landed at Tyler,she squealed and pushed herself clutching at his arm like a leech,he removes her hand abruptly and she flinches like it hurt. He muttered some curse words that I didn't comprehend and made his way upstairs after hearing the tardy bell ignoring Emma. She fixed her hair and left the hallway with the sounds of her heels resonating.
I shook my head while monotonously loading my locker,after stuffing all my stuff in it,I locked it shut. I sprinted to my history class taking in as much air as possible ( because I needed it) this would be the fourth time i'm coming late to Mr Williams class,as if on cue the door to the class opened and my right hand was up,I faced a very angry Mr Williams he signaled for me to come in and I did avoiding the stares of the class.
"Tardy again are we ms Grey?" He questioned in a reprimanding tone.
"I'm sorry sir,please it won't happen again" I begged trying to avert my eyes from his cold gaze.
"Tell that to principal Blinks" he answered pointing to the door of the class. Oh no,she would probably
give me detention I don't want that no. I need to
have a good student record for the uni.
" Sir-
" now"he half yelled.
I bowed my head in shame going out of the class and straight to principal blinks on my way to her office I met with one of the peeps I live for "Lily" I shouted excitedly urging her to move forward she turned back and bore me into a bone crushing hug.

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