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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


A different POV from the first.
Daniella's POV
"Why isn't this shoe high enough?"
Who brought down my poster?"
"I want it up right now ".
"why is my dress so long?"
"what did I tell you about long dresses?".
"I want it short,throw this out I'm not wearing this!!".
I yelled nagging uncontrollably to my assistant angrily,I mean all this good for nothing people are getting on my nerves,why work if you can't handle it well and be more committed.
"But Daniella,you said you wanted this shoe. you wanted it so badly since you saw it on Beyonce' ".
My assistant Lydia remarked showing me a picture of Beyonce on stage wearing the exact same heels. I must admit,I did like the shoe but not anymore.
" what makes you think that I would wear that now!" I scoffed at Lydia. Scratching the back of my neck furiously,I need to calm down right now or I would loose it.
"I want you guys to get everything perfect,you know how much I've prepared for it".I ranted a little bit dramatic.
I know i'm being a bitch right now,but that's the only way to talk to them,if you don't scare them a little,they relent.
I just recently released my first album,it's not a big of a deal yet but I want to at least go around London to give out free concert tickets to perform and get known without having to introduce myself as an 'Anderson'. My wealthy parents. I want to get known for me,the real me.
"More like we did everything" I heard Camila my creative designer whispering to someone. I glared at her sending her a signal that I heard what she just said,she took it and brought down her head in shame.. that serves you write ha.
"We promise to work hard and make your tour a success". I heard my best friend,Bethany say,she walked in in her usual princess mode,looking straight and well gestured. We've known each other since we were ten and attended the same school till date,I love her so much. I guess she is the only one who understands me.
Bethany hugged me,shaking me slightly like i'm her long lost child,she raised up my chin seeing my worried face.
" awwn Ella darling what's wrong?",she pouted. Beth is just so adorable for her own good with her dark brown eyes and curly dark brown hair,her slightly tanned skin,flat stomach. She's exactly 5'9 tall and already a high class model at the age of 17,going on different runways and covers for Gucci,Dolce Gabbana,Versace,Fendi among others. She's already making her way to become a Victoria secret model but until she turns eighteen in the words of her father.
"I'm just worried about this tour and everything". I said truthfully to her after dismissing the workers.
"Every body loves you,especially a certain Jared". She teased winking at me.
My eyes widened in realization knowing full well her motives.
I felt a warm blush rise to my cheeks remembering Jared,I've been crushing on him since I was 11 years old,I mean who wouldn't.
" see you are whipped girl" she said in a sing tone. Typical Beth.
"I'm not" I quickly added but it came out off because I hid my face in my palms shyly.
"I heard that he is coming back from Milan this sat-"
"Are u serious?" I jumped excitedly cutting her off.
"See" she said rolling her eyes.
"Try not to expect something from everyone" she frowned looking pale all of a sudden.
I understood what she meant by that,her stupid boyfriend Jason broke up with her without any explanation. Simply said reasons best known to
me. What an idiot, i felt for my best friend I mean she loved that dude with all her heart but the monkey broke it in shards. Loser!!!!
I signed moving closer to her and taking her into a hug,she noticed and hugged me back while settling on my lap.
"I'm still on cutting his balls if you want to Beth". I grinned wickedly while rubbing my palms together.
She saw me and burst out laughing so hard that she rested her head on the arm rest just to compose herself.
" only you Daniella,only you"she said before gradually closing her eyes.
Okay,that's Beth's way of saying 'nap time Daniella,nap time'.
A/n. Hi guys,I know this chapter seems a little crappy and most of you are confused about the
whole two different POV but try to read the next
chapter,it has more explanation and it gets better.
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