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Monday, 12 February 2018


*Still on flashback*
Continuation from the previous chapter.
Waking up was really easy and quick,I didn't need to wake up to the sound of the alarm clock.
I looked at my cell phone which read 6:00am,I hurriedly rushed into the bathroom,after my really quick shower, I literally sprinted to my bed putting my towel in place, I mean it's not everyday a
person looses her chil d.
I looked through my wardrobe carefully not to wake up Gabriella and my Mum with my loud ruffling sounds. I finally picked a floral dress and a black coloured flat shoe to match,tied my hair in a high pony tail making sure not to reveal it's messiness.
I glanced at our old wall clock one more time and heaved a sign of relief when it read 7:00am. Looking at my mum's sleepy feature, tears rushed down from my eyes remembering my little Daniella. I haven't seen her for almost four months now,I know that she is obviously OK but I still had my fair chance of worrying about my little princess.
My eyes became blurry due to the amount of tears I had in them. I wiped it immediately not to ruin my makeup free face. I left a note on the coffee table telling mum I left already.
I collected my bag,the newspaper for the address of course but not forgetting to peck my little Gabby on her lips before dashing off.
It took me about three hours before getting to the sight i'm in right now. I stared at the mansion while confusedly looking at the newspaper.
"Isn't this the right place" I murmured to my self getting a little bit frustrated. I mean I tried five houses before getting to this place. The houses around this estate are really too big for their own good,they screamed 'luxury'.
The smallest house here would be the duplex opposite the mansion i'm in right now all so big with vibrant colours and magnificent gates,I was almost drooling. Lost in dream world I didn't even realise the gate of the house slightly opening with an elderly woman popping her head through it.
"Hello there kind miss" she greeted spreading her contagious smile because I found my self smiling too.
"Good morning ma'am" I greeted back.
"I don't think I know you much my child,if I do please forgive my rude behaviour" she remarked trying to adjust her glasses to the tip of her nose to have a much better view of me.
"No ma'am you don't, please is this the residence of 'the Andersons'?" I shyly asked handing her the already rumpled newspaper.
"Yes my child,it's indeed here" she replied in an amused way,then clicked her fingers and smiled. "ohh did you perhaps come here for an interview?" She chuckled.
"Yes ma'am,so when does it start?" I asked feeling a bit uneasy.
"I'm sorry my dear no one lives here dear-"
" what do you mean no one lives here"I butted in trying to suppress my emotions.
"Well you see my dear,Mr Anderson had a bit of a business emergency to attend to so they decided to move in to London" she said with pity already taking in my sadden face..

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