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Wednesday, 14 February 2018


"Hi Ms Daniels,you look so young,with your new hairdo complementing your look " I chirped excitedly to one of our neighbours whilst passing the shortcut leading to my house.
"Oh thank you Gabriella" she blushed spreading her wet clothes on the rope. I simply nodded at her.
I walked on a narrowed path along the road just because I preferred it,it's a lot more fun than taking the main path.
"Hey Mr Williams,nice hair cut" I waved at yet another neighbour showing him my perfect smile.
He chuckled and patted my back.
"Gabriella!"," Gabby!!",Gab!!!" I heard three tiny voices yell my name,trying to hold back my smile. I saw our mischievous trio Josh,Jasmine,and Jerry sprinting towards my direction.
"I'm so gonna kick your asses" Jasmine looked back at her two brothers holding her laughter,she smiled in victory knowing full well she won the race. Jasmine is like the 7 year old version of me,sarcastic,energetic, smart,and most of all funny.
"Gabriella,those two think that they can beat me" she said rolling her eyes while tugging at the hem of my shirt.
"Jas,you cheated" Jerry stomped his foot angrily, then clicked his tongue in annoyance sending daggers at her.
"No I didn't"
"Yes you did",a different voice answered. We all turned to Josh who is touching his kneel with both hands still panting. I laughed at his expression of laziness.
"Guys we all know that Jasmine is faster compared to the rest of you two- you guys are slow as a snail" I decided to butt in.
"No! she is a little she devil who tries to swallow her preys alive" Jerry yelled, earning a slap on the head from Jasmine,he rubbed his blonde hair sending me a look which read 'you see'.
"Who ate my chocolate pie!" I heard an elderly woman yell from the little town house close by.
"Someone's in trouble" jasmine sang.
Josh bowed his head in shame, "Mum won't let me go this time" he muttered solemnly shaking his head.
"Well why don't you find out by telling her the truth" I advised raising his head to look at me. I cleaned his little tears with my thumbs and patted his back reassuringly.
"Yes Josh,Gabby is right,she always is". Jerry smiled hugging me lightly I bent down and took them all in a tight hug,then they all ran off pushing each other.
Wow,it's really nice having triplets I guess, but the ranting and shouts coming from their Mum says otherwise.
I continued to walk waving to as many people." You look great Nelly,and nice cookie by the way"
"Thanks G"
"Right back at ya dude" I smirked giving her a thumbs up. She looked at me confusedly at the name but smiled nevertheless.
"Gabriella" I looked down to see little Michael hugging my kneels,I took the 4 year old in a hug.
"What do you have there little one?" I asked looking at his covered palm..

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