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Thursday, 1 February 2018


"If interested because I hope you all are,seeing it has a great impact on your student report sheet" she cleared her throat and continued. "Go to the nearest PE teacher and collect your permission slip in which your parent's must sign,I mean I want your parents signature on them. That's the only way you will associate with the rest bush walkers,now run along,you all make me sick" she finished and I smirked my way out of the hallway and into my math class.
The problem I had now was how to get my mum's signature on it but I will definitely do.
Math class was kind of fun seeing Max was trying to upset Mr Tyler and making him loose his mind by asking him numerous of unrelated questions. Then came in history which was not so bad because Mr Baker was in a good mood today. I also noticed Harry didn't attend my history class, well I guess he was sick or something came up,well thank God for that because I didn't want to be seen blushing throughout my history class.
Now it was time for chemistry,I always hated chemistry I don't know if it's the equations,but I felt sick whenever it was time for chemistry.
"Are you OK?" Amber inquired looking at my uneasiness. She was in the same chemistry class as me and that I was thankful of.
"Yeah I'm fine Amber" I smiled at her turning to the front.
"Well if you say so".
I nodded but all my uneasiness turned to mush when my eyes landed on a tall figure getting into an empty seat beside me,he settled in and didn't even look at anyone. Aiden got out his book and placed it on the table staring into space. What am I going to do now,he is right beside me. I took out my bag and placed it on my desk trying to loose his interest in me and forget the girl from last time who bruised his ego. The frustrated girl yelling at her lifeless sandals.
Then the class began,Mr Kennett got out some chemicals and placed it on his big round desk and said " now gather round guys,we're going to obverse these chemicals and see the reactions we get after mixing them together"
"Ohh I see, hmm ..well the reaction I got from this class is" Aiden yawned and waved his hands counting his fingers then he yelled "boring".
Every one laughed including Mr Kennett,but I didn't I was too lost to smile,he continued smirking before he finally noticed me and his smirk grew wider and he rested his elbows on the table and his face on his hands and looked at me. Someone please help me!!,what should I do? Should I look away? Oh no,I can't possibly look away,I'm lost in his lovely green like emerald eyes.
" hey, Betty . You didn't laugh?" He said with evey words dripping with cockiness. And he's back.
"I don't display much emotions unnecessarily" I retorted rolling my eyes,whoah I can't believe I said that.
"Well can't say that about yesterday" he smirked folding his arms and furrowing his brow.
This jerk,he didn't forget about me embarrassing myself in front of him yesterday but how can he still recall my face. He must have noticed me blush hard because..
"You don't have to show me your love for red you know" he teased turning away from me.
"I wasn't blushing idiot,it was my danger sign to keep off"
nice work Tam.
He looked at me and I swear I almost caught him smile a little, his lips didn't foray it but his eyes did,those lovely green eyes blistered like emarald then he quickly turned away and concentrated on Mr Kennett who was still trying to get everyone to get up and write down their observations. Poor poor Mr Kennett..

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