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Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Have you ever felt so awkward before?
Like fidgeting for an escape root in the midst of people you call friends and not wanting them to feel bad?
Yes,this is what I'm feeling right now sitting with the guys 'Asher's.
During lunch,I sneaked into the cafeteria and bought my food then hid myself like an escaped prisoner trying not to get seen by the cops. Cause hey,sitting with a group of greek-like gods during lunch means me blushing as red as a tomato.
But Flora with her loud chirpy voice alerted everyone and I was forced to seat with them. I was waiting for someone to say something disgusting so that I can have an excuse for throwing up. Yeah,it was that bad.
I got out my burger and took a big bite. At least food can solve 1.5 percent of my uneasiness.
"Hey,Tamara right?,I'm Alyssia" I heard an angel-like voice say and when I looked up my eyes landed on the most beautiful girl I've ever seen,she was gorgeous with her gray eyes and shadow-like dark hair,she sat next to Ethan,the only Asher I haven't been introduced to yet. I guess she was the girlfriend Max and Amber were talking about the other day because no one in their right senses would jilt a relationship with her.
"Hey Alyssia" she stretched forth her hand for a handshake and I took it smiling leaving a giggle from her.
"And this is my boyfriend Ethan" she introduced proudly,I mean who wouldn't be proud of such a handsome lad for a boyfriend.
"Hey Tamara,I've heard a lot about you from the guys".
I was shocked with this one,so the guys actually took time in giving out information about me.
"I'm honoured" I bowed slightly,causing Ralph to roll his eyes at me muttering "you wish",whilst the rest of the table laughed except of course Charlotte the stereotypical bitch,she looked bored all of a sudden. Not my fault.
"my party tomorrow at 9 right?" Ralph asked gaping at me. I still needed to tell my mum for her approval and I made a mental note to do so later. Everyone turned to me expectantly including Aiden.
Yeah,I'm also surprised.
I put my hands up in surrender and murmured "yes,your party at 9". Signing.
Ralph ruffed my hair and I was about hitting him but Alyssia beat me to it by doing so enthusiastically causing him to yelp and scoot far away from her. I like this girl already!
After three minutes of silence. Flora suddenly asked peering at everyone intently"so I've been thinking of this for a while now-" she paused and continued like she was making some life changing decisions "what is the difference between pancakes and waffles?"
I shook my head,I mean they are kind of similar though. Ralph turned to her grinning mischievously causing flora to blush scarlet.
"Don't you dare say it" Harry warned squinting his grey eyes making Ralph's grin to stretch further like that of the Cheshire cat in Alice in wonderland.
"He's gonna say it alright" Sam sang,then shrugged dipping a fry into his mouth.
"Simple, waffles are just pancakes with abs " Ralph declared triumphantly causing roars of laughter from everyone including me. Yeah,that answer caught me off guard. Aiden shook his head but I saw a hint of laughter in his eyes. Harry rolled his eyes in a not so subtle way making him look like a pregnant giraffe receiving shots on the eye and that caused me laughing more,I put my head on the table clutching my stomach which hurts as hell right now.

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