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Thursday, 8 March 2018


She was fun to be with and i must confess that her time with me is the
best moment so far since i came to Benin city, she did many things for
me using her own money, and she even fvck me after she knows that am
cheating on her, shes a girl that her future husband will be proud of
so yes am happy she left to sought out her life.
I was still thinking when my phone started ringing i thought it was
her so i rush the phone and saw my sister calling.
Me: hello ma.
Sister Joy: ozes how you they?
Me: fine ma how work?
Joy: fine fine, hope no problem?
Me: no problem ma.
Joy: okay come carry some foods and money month end.
Me: okay thank you ma.
after the call i relax on my bed thinking what next to do, i have two
outing today, and both of them are from two sisters, Cynthia and
Aneeta, for sure i wont miss Aneeta own for anything because since i
came she has been the girl of my dream, big breast and average ass
with good looking face and a working class (nurse), i have always
dream of dating her i dont care about her age after all they say age
dosnt really matter in a relationship, she is the girl of my dream and
if i can get her for sure i will stop womanizing and breakup with
other girls, she is nice and caring too, i have sex her sister
Cynthia, Cynthia is cool big breast and big ass and shes tall also
just likr Yvonne nelson, shes got everything except her "i dont care
attitude," but i dont want her anyway i want her sister and i will do
everything in my power to have her.
I stood up and brush my teeth and then i took my bath and ate what
Mitchele cook yesterday, as i was eating the food i started missing
her again, and for her mind now she thought i cant get her contact if
i want to, i can call her mum or my sister to get it but its better i
let go.
I took my phone after eating and dial aunt Aneeta's number.
Aneeta: hello.
Me: hello ma.
Aneeta: yeyeboy boy how you they?
Me: fine ma, i wanted to ask when we are going out.
Aneeta: should be around seven i will call you when its time.
Me: okay mama.
Aneeta: yeye boy.
She said and cut the call, i really dont like that name yeyeboy at all
she should try and stop calling me that oh. She said we are going out
by seven so what should i be doing till then now?. I dont want to go
to church my sins are too much for me and beside i dont like that
church is not exciting at all, i need to change my church oh.

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