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Thursday, 29 March 2018


I always wondered why i never saw Austin in the school hallways, i had only ever seen him in our art class.
So could he be a senior who failed the arts? Or he just felt like Picking the arts to distort juniors?, I will just have to wait till Art's time to find out.

And so came art class,
As I saw him the questions of earlier came flooding my mind. I needed answers.
I was snapped out of my thoughts by our teacher who was letting us know that for the next two weeks will be a paired painting job, I was happy, am better at painting then drawing
And I happened to be paired with Austin, just what I needed.

Austin is actually the worst partner have ever been paired with.
It took three days to get him to agree on a theme for our painting and when he finally agreed, there were questions on when we need to meet to start the work and I haven't even thought on how am going to ask my long list of questions, this isnt gonna be easy at all.

Its been a week and we finally are going to meet to start our painting, I dont know why I have the feeling am gonna get F in this.
And he chooses to show up late
'Your late'
With a smile on his face he answered 'Well...Better late then Never dearie'
'have told you am not your dearie!'
'But you haven't shown me' still smiling
'please can we get back to business?'
And a comfortable silence came as we began to work
After an hour of working, I decided it was time for me to get my answers.
'Hmm...are you sure you know what your doing?' I asked with a confused look
'Okay, you seem to be good at art?, have u gone through the class before?'
'Its probably an easy A for you'
With all annoyance I said 'you need to use real words'
'Okay dearie'
'So you either shut up and let's finish this work or I walk out and you finish the work?'
And that was how he got me to shut up. But it wasnt over.

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