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Sunday, 25 March 2018


She left out a smile as she bit her tongue and this
made me crazy.. Now I didn’t care if Aphrodicodi
kills me, all I wanted was to enjoy the moment as it
was . I couldn’t tell her I love her though (I hate
lying) but I told her she was the most beautiful
creature(True as at then) and I have been wanting
to do things to her since I saw her(I said I hated
lying .. But hate doesnt’t mean I don’t lie shey? )
She smiled(dimples and gap tooth) as she said
“Leave the talking for the latter”.. I felt she thought
I lied but who cares?.. She used her two hands to
bring me closer as she kissed me.. Omo, see tongue
dey waka inside my mouth like say she be vampire.
I turned her over in an attempt to pull her shirt and
she turned, I stopped kissing her and tried pulling
her shirt, then she took it upon herself to take it
OFF.. While the shirt was going Off, My mind
whispered “Do something about her shorts!!!”
As she was pulling her shirt, I was trying to
unbotton the shorts but damn those bottons.. They
were too many!!! ( They were 3 sha ) as it took
forever to pull it(Even ONE?), then I noticed the
shirt was off but the bottons couldn’t just open.
(Especially when I could see a black G*string like
pa*nt*ies under the shorts(I maddddddd!!!!).
Then her hands went to the back as she laughed
and said “Naughty Boy, that’s not how its done
jor”.. I heard a zip go down( .. So na zip dey back?
Mtchewwww.. thoughts).. Then I looked at her,
smile and said “Damn I am ……”..I Wanted to end it
with “Dumb” but the things I saw up there no be
shere shere ohhhh!! Nor be wetin I expect at
all!!!!.. So I ended it with “Am”..
I was expecting to see a brazier(B*R*A) but I
didn’t!.. Instead I saw two sized portable,no
sagging t*i*tties looking at me like “Wetin? No rush
me oh! I no wan sag?” (I thought she was
packaging those bosoms ohhhhhh! But now I can
see better, na standard one be dis.. )
I just held her waist as I drew her closer towards
me as I kissed her(I no send hair again jare!).. my
right hand tried pulling her shorts down but it got
to a limit it won’t reach again and her hands were
handling Mr. Seal. The short was now on her thighs
and her now I could now touch her bare A$$(she
was wearing a G*String). The thoughts of me
touching her bare and she stroking Mr. Seal made
me moan(Like I just felt it was fake again.. E be
like say moaning na fake for boys oh! Just to
make them girls feel good? )
When she heard me moan, she increased the tempo
of stroking and my legs ministered “Use me make I
pull the shorts”.. I obeyed in a twinkle of an eye as I
used my legs to pull her shorts.. Leaving a black
G*string blocking Mr. Seal and whatever she called
her Pussay .
“Mission Accomplished”.. I told myself as I once
again, turned her over for me to be on top of her,
using my left hand to hold her A$$ and right hand
under her bosoms(I never touch dem oh!)
I kissed her eyes, neck and lips once more as I
journeyed into the town of her b0*0bs in which
there were two mountains and a Valley between
them.. The valley wasn’t that clear sha!!!!.. Come
see me dey lick dis girl body like say she be
Lollipop!!!!(Thanks to the novels I read ).. She
was moving her body from left to right as I licked
her centrefold(that line dividing the b0*0bs) so I
knew she wanted it..
Although she stopped stroking (maybe she thought
I would Kum soon.. Ahahahahah!) But I told her in a
way I didn’t believe I could to continue the stroking.
My right and left hands supporting the mountains, I
fed on the like a Dog eating bone and I could bet my
life they weren’t or haven’t been sucked like that in
a long time!!!
“Na me dey go down, Na me dey go down”.. My left
and right hand said as it seemed they were fighting
theirself on who will touch the Pussay first.
I am a Lefty guy so I told them to shut up as I
noticed it was time I travel down there . This time
she stopped stroking and I left Mr. Seal to wonder
about under there as it felt her wet Pussay through
the panties.. “I wan enter ohhhhhhhh! Come Open
the Door”.. The Yeye property of mine(No! If
something yeye, I dey tell am, so My SEAL yeye
die!! ) said.
I didn’t know she turned me though, because I was
still sucking on her bosoms but she turned me
anyways.. To keep the hair from entering my mouth,
I used instincts(or a position I learnt in Indecency)
to sit up, moved her waist closer to my chest as I
sucked the hell out of them.. Sometimes in sucking I
thought the bosoms were already sagging!!.
She leaned back with her hands on my shoulder
and I ringed my hands at her back to support her
new position.Btw.. All I heard were moans after
moans, so I decided not to me left out as I was
producing my own moan.. Like “Argggh.. Eeiish” as
I sucked on her.. Meanwhile, my mouth was already
making a Kiss-Like noise on her bosoms..
My Right Hand was lucky enough to find its way
under her G*String as the left hand had no option
but let it go(Teamwork) because it was holding
“Lean Back” Esther..

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