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Wednesday, 28 March 2018


We kissed for few minutes when her hands went
down on me again as she squeezed my D*I*C*K
through my perry coles(That kind thing!!!! ),
showing she wasn’t tired for anything
(CrossRiver/AkwaIbom girls I hail ohhhhh! ).
But there was something wrong with my
confidence, I wasn’t sure I would last for 2mins
because what happened earlier was just me on
drugs, my records(record actually ) was now
threatened. And I could swear was in this
because she wanted to Kum, hence, she was now
inlove with my last longing thrusts (If ah hear! Na
me think am )
“Ummm.. Babe I have Stew on fire”(PERFECT
EXCUSE!!!!!!!!).. I said as I stopped kissing her.
She just stopped and sighed, then she said my god
saved me..
*Like what kind of girl is this? , is it She that is not
ashamed? Or is it her pussay that is? Na pussay dey
control her conscience? So after everything she will
start cryng? Na wah oh!* – I thought in my mind as
I watched her lick her lips and whispered
“Let’s save the BJ for the later baebae.. Thank you!”
Into my ears. (OMO! BJ? Did she just said
BJ? later? .. Noooo!!!!)
You are welcome was all I could say with a smile, I
wanted the BJ so badly but they say na wetin dey
sweet dey kill . I couldn’t leave the stew/rice on
the Gas cooker. Besides, I nor wan land for hospital
for fainting.
I went in to take my phone, forgetting the main
reason why I came to the room at first. I sent “call
me back” message to Asamoah as I walked fast to
the kitchen to remove the stew which was already
having a burning smell while I wonder the type of
december I was in..
Asamoah called and sounded worried but I told him
no cause for alarm. I thought of telling him that I
bleeped Faith’s senior sister but I couldn’t, even
when he wanted to know, so I told him it was one
babe of mine in the estate. I asked of Yvonne and he
said that he hasn’t set eyes on her since yesterday
as her she stays with her Mum.
Asamoah didn’t really care about me and Faith, all
he wanted to know was if I F*U*C*Ked Faith
because he believed all the drama he saw on twitter
yesterday never affected me.(That’s because I told
him I wasn’t concerned .. )
“Bone that f**uc*k up girl jare!”.. I said in an
attempt to cut the story short.
After Boiling my rice, I ate and for the first time
since I can remember, I loaded my stew with
assorted meats. As in, who go ask me? Them fit? ..
I remember when I was washing the plate, in trying
to squeeze the Morning Fresh dish washer, It made
a noise similar to what Esther’s pussay made after I
enjanlaculated.. (Later found out it was pussay
farts .. Right here on nairaland.. But I been dey
tink say na Mess ohhh! .. Come dey make me tink
say I bleep girl till she mess )
EPL Highlights, LIGA BBVA highlight.. Was now on
soundcity when the bell rang.. It was that of the
“Behold!! The Return of Joyce, Faith and Abigail”.. I
said in my mind as I stood up with mixed feelings to
go open the gate but I had to put on something first
.. Even though wanted to start showing Off my
D*I*C*K to the girls in the house, I still had to
respect its privacy you know?
As the Car passed me by, I saw Abigail sitting at the
front, and the back glasses being tinted, I believed
that faith was inside checking me out , so I
arranged myself, looking straight into the tinted
glasses as my brain kept on saying “Oboy Arrange,
she go dey look you through that tinted window “.
However, after closing the gate, I walked towards
the car to greet my uncle’s cheating wife(real
intentions was for faith to hear my voice ) but as I
walked towards the car, I kept on waiting for the
perfect moment that the back door will open. But
this moment never came as Abigail came out, Joyce
opened her own door, closed it and pressed the
remote to lock the doors.
“Send her a DM”.. My mind said as I opened
TweetDeck, searched her handle and sent her a
“HI”(Ahahaha! I was so immature ).. ..
I waited for 10mins while I scaled through Esther’s
Pictures and I was just like “Omo! Na dis girl pop ur
cherry oh” as I looked through her Sekxy pictures.
She finally replied with a “Hi” too.. Even though it
wasn’t what I expected, I loved it .. (Maybe she
also loved my Hi)
But I also wanted to delay for 10mins before I reply
“Are you mad? say something special to her nah..”
My mind said as I wondered what I will say that will
bring the incidence of yesterday into the
conversation. So I decided to ask why she didn’t
come back home..
Sent her the message but she never replied even
though she was tweeting and retweeting.
Stalked her and saw a tweet about her telling a
follower who asked her who the Guys in question
were.. Then she replied they were bunch of kids
fighting over nothing. *Inshort let me write the
tweet as I can remember it: RT@____Lol! They just
bunch of kids after my A$$..@_____(faith) who the
guys ruining ur holiday hun?*..
This got me pissed as my mind kept telling me she
was right.. Like “Na true nah, didn’t you act like a
kid? Mtchewww.. Kid!! “.. I guess the tweet
just made things worst so I promised I won’t visit
twitter again, not to talk about stalking faith’s
handle. (Stalking is bad! Spread the word )

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