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Thursday, 29 March 2018


Was sitting on my own, watching Supersport as I
tried not thinking of a girl I thought I was inlove
with, tried not thinking that a fine boy like me
would be used by a girl to get back to her B.F and
of course, I tried not thinking I cried for dis girl .
Then suddenly Abigail came into the sitting room,
took the DSTV remote and changed my channel to
NICKOLODEON without even saying excuse .
Abigail(16) who is the last born in the family is in
her secondary school final year, I notice she was
kind of brilliant and carries a body of a 18year old
somebody . She could pass for a figure 8(numbers
do not lie )
Didn’t say anything but I just looked at her, she
was wearing a Spaghetti Top and for the first time,
I could say she was tempting AF, especially when I
tried tracing those n*i*..pples of her .
“Guy! Behave oh.. You don pop cherry now and you
won’t let me sleep abi?”.. I could hear my D*I*C*K
minister as it was already waking up.. But I quickly
removed my mind, even though I was already
checking out her lips . (How come I didn’t noticed
she was this hot huh? I for don run things with am
nah )
Was scaling through facebook when Joyce came to
the sitting room, asked of Esther and for the very
first time, she sent Abigail to go buy her recharge
card at the shop about 10mins away from our house
(10 + 10 =20mins). I, Myself, Abigail and even the
DSTV decoder were shocked as it started skipping
As if that was not enough, she said with a sheepish
straight face..
“Ladi, see me in my room.. I have a job for
you” and then she gave abigail money before she
Wait!.. Did you read that right? SHE SAY MAKE I

At this juncture, I had to be careful because so
many things could happen in that room. She might
set me up, Keep me from telling my uncle anything
or The worst, do I need to tell you guys? Shewwww
.. *Santa Clause must be jealous by now *
I followed her immediately but I didn’t dare enter
the room for one or two reasons stated above . So
I insisted she talked to me while I stood by the door
with my face like 6pm.
She insisted I come inside and sit down.. I knew she
would succeed in doing this so I acted like my
phone got a text message, meanwhile.. While
reading it(in her perspective ), I quickly opened
the recording as I kept it back in the pocket..
Walking inside the room majestically (Only if
Joseph the dreamer was this smart )
Well, she told me my Uncle would be back the
following day and how I shouldn’t tell him, that he
has a heart condition and she promises not to do it
again as she regrets having an Affair with Abu
(Esther also regretted nah shey? ). She also said
my uncle was cheating on her as he is out there
spending christmas with his secret mistress who
has 2kids for him ( ).
She broke down to shed crocodile tears(so I
thought) as she kept on repeating “After All I have
done for Daniel, he is cheating on me?”.. I had to act
like a gentleman as I stood up from the seat to tell
her everything would be alright as I won’t tell
anything since she regrets it.. No be play oh! I
mean am

While I was standing, I could see her cleavages, her
b0-0bs were so lonely .. I was still respecting my
clueless(or smart?) Uncle so I just removed that
part thought from my head.
“See lawyer dey cry, she nor fit carry am go court
ni? Mtcheww… Olodo Nation”.. I said in my mind as
I gave her tissue paper from ummmm.. The tissue
paper? to clean her tears.
She cleaned and blew her nose on it(ewwwww) and
she stood up to drop it in the bin beside her bed..
“Oboy See Yansh wey Abu n Daniel dey bang!!.. The
thing resemble Kapri Styles own die..”.. That was
my mind talking as I looked at her A$$. (She was
wearing a Denim Jeans and I could bet my finger
that she was wearing a thong because I saw a thin
line just above the jean)
With speed I set to leave the room but she asked
where I was going.. Told her I had something to do
in the room, she said she never knew I could be this
gentle as she just wanted to punish me because of
my uncle and bleh bleh bleh.. Trust me, I was tired
of her talking because my hands were already in my
kaftan, trying so hard to pin my D*I*C*K down.
Then she popped a statement like “You are very
understanding, your GF will enjoy you a lot, got
“Yeah! I got two.. And you will soon make it three if
you don’t free me right now.. Mtchewww”.. I said
out loudly IN MY MIND as I just wanted her to stop
“Mahmah, here is the card”.. I heard Abigail said as
I stood listening to things I wasn’t understanding.
Immediately Abigail got in, she changed her face
and make e for nor lost, I also changed mine . And
Abigail probably used Faith’s Cologne because I
could smell Faith all over her, this is not strange we
know right?
“What type of children are all these girls? Why are
they so interested in S£x? Should I now be
F*U*Cking my uncle’s wife? Why me?”.. Was
thinking as I went straight to my room but then the
same mind said:
“Shut up my friend, she was just being nice.. You
think say out of the billion men in the world, she go
bleep ordinary jambite like you? Rest jare.. This one
na confirm Barrister.. Cool down oh!”..
That was the last I heard from them on christmas
day as I only went to the kitchen to load my plates
with meats(didn’t see any of them except abigail
who to me was enjoying a romance scene in a
movie )…. And no!.. I didn’t masturlabate .


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