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Monday, 26 March 2018


A guy named peter bril reportedly posted a testimony of his recent memory on his facebook page,  of the day he escaped death alongside his brother, when a drunk policeman almost shot him.

 he said 

On the 5th of March 2018, would have been the day i left earth for heaven, I and my brother was coming back from a mechanic workshop that’s fixing dads vehicle. On our way to the entrance of our estate, we got stopped by a Mobile Police/ Sarz officers. I and brother was ask to sit on the floor with no reason. I refused to asking what’s my offense. In the process I sat down obeying them cause he is on uniform and immediately I sat I got hits with the mobile police AK47 Riffle on my head continuously till I started bleeding. Started hitting us with woods, kicked with his booth,poured water on us while i was still bleeding. While he was threatening to kill us some mobile was running towards the scene, he then corked his gun pointed it at us, while he was about to shoot, a mobile police dragged and raised the gun up, diverting it from where we were laying on the floor, while the gun was in the motion facing the air, he shot into the air rapidly, Just few seconds when the gun was diverted from our direction.

Peter further expressed his grateful heart by calling his friends to celebrate with him,  he even baked a cake with the "Happy death escape


See photos 

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