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Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Chapter 33

     "Katie's right, we shouldn't have taken, not to talk of giving him a task. We shouldn't have depended on him. Now he just fucked everything up." Frank said angrily immediately they got to Fred's house. He cursed all their way here and Katie couldn't help but support his opinion. Why exactly did he leave his post? Now he had put them all in trouble, including Jenny. What disturbed Katie most was the idea that Wayne would be set free. She wouldn't be able to live or sleep properly. She was happy when Wayne was convicted and thought she had overcome her fear but now, the idea frightens her. "Just a simple instruction, yet you couldn't follow it. What kind of a dumb ass are you?" Frank continued, pacing up and down. Katie looked at Fred, sitting down on the couch and getting lost in thoughts as if it wasn't he Frank was talking to. "What happened?" Linda came out then, she had been at home since and no one wanted to put her life in danger by taking her to the operation. "How did it go?" She asked again. "It went well, all thanks to Fred." Frank said through his teeth sarcastically but angrily. "My gosh, what went wrong?" Frank took fifteen minutes to explain what was supposed to take just five minutes to Linda due to excessive cursing and frustrative pauses. "Just calm down Frank, i'm sure Fred had a good reason for leaving his position." Linda finally said after everything. "Exactly, no one ever thought of that, absolutely no one." Fred stood up angrily, talking for the first time. "No one cared to ask why. No one wants to know, all you're concerned about is that I didn't do what I was told to do. No one cared to listen to my side of the story. Been receiving irrelevant blame all this while." He said. "So tell us, everyone is here, tell us why exactly you left your post and fell into Georgina's trap?" Frank said indifferently, putting more force on the trap aspect. "I saw my mom, she was being dragged into that building, I had no choice but to follow her. Do you know when last I saw her, I couldn't help myself but leave my post, don't you guys understand?" Fred retorted, obviously frustrated too. "Oh really?  I thought I told you loud and clear that after we get Jenny, we would go after your mother. How could you even think we could catch two birds with a stone when it came to Georgina." Frank said, raising his own voice too.
    "Well I couldn't wait, don't you get it? If it were to be your own mother, wouldn't you do same? Forget the fact that she is the cause of our problems." Fred said. "They were hurting her, she was in pain and you expect me to do nothing? What kind of a son do you think I am? Your mother can be a devil but mine is not and if there is another chance like this to save her, I won't hesitate to take it." Fred said. Frank shook his head. "So did you get her back? Did you? Instead you screwed everything up, you made us lose them both. Are you happy now? Maybe next time, you should use your brains and not your emotions when it came to stuffs like this." Frank said back. "Frank!!" Fred growled. Linda was thoughtful enough to come in between them. "You guys should stop this okay? Fred is right, who would watch and stay while his mother is being dragged away hurtfully when he could do something." She said. "If he could do something." Frank corrected, interrupting her. "Oh yeah, at least he thought he could do something. Just cut him some slack Frank, you are all just stressed out." Linda said. "If only he had just stayed one place, all of this wouldn't have happened." Frank said again. "If you hadn't been so all boasting and bragging, you would have known when Georgina planted the bug on you in the first place. You were totally in control and all mouth making about how good the plan was, if I had been in control, things wouldn't have been this bad. We trusted you too much too." Fred replied. Katie had a feeling that Fred had really been feeling left out and he just poured it all out. He wasn't used to taking orders and not be the one planning, she knew. Well, its none of her business though.
    "Don't try to put the blame on me when you were wrong, everything was working perfectly well." Frank continued, ignoring the disapproval of Linda. "Do you guys really have to do this? We got a major problem on our hands and all you are concerned about is whose fault it was that our last plan failed. Wayne will be released soon, things are getting out of hand and this is the best thing to do instead of thinking of another plan? You guys must be kidding me." Tony spoke for the first time since they arrived. Maybe with the way he said it, putting force or his position as the lawyer was the cause, but it made the two of them quiet to reason with what he said. They both kept shut. "You will have to be a witness right? Just as Georgina said." Tony faced Frank and after he nodded his head, he continued. "She gave us an ultimatum, and to protect Jenny, you will have to be a witness. If we can prove that the evidence is false, then Wayne will be stuck in jail." He concluded. "But she planned the evidence so well that no matter what we say or do, the court wouldn't believe anything." Frank said. The place was quiet for a moment, everyone thinking of a solution to the problem. Katie couldn't think, oh how could she? She didn't even know what to feel. Wayne was gonna be released? Even her properties haven't been gotten back, it was still in the protection of the court, what the hell was she going to do? Her life was getting ruined. She had promised to expose both mother and daughter but in the real sense, she was helpless and hopeless. They were just stronger and smarter than she was, she had to admit. She had to admit to her weakness, there was nothing she could do against them, they were always a step ahead of her, even with her parents, properties, business, relationship and everything. She was just too weak.
    "Wait a minute Frank." Tony finally broke the silence, getting everyone's attention. "You said Georgina planned on lying to the court that Fred kidnapped Helena days before the trial that sent Wayne to jail, don't you think that everyone saw Helena at the trial? She was present, if she was kidnapped then, how had she gotten to court for the trial? If we can prove that Helena wasn't kidnapped at all, then we will have no case." Tony observed. "Wow, brilliant, spectacular. I always knew you were the man for this job and I know you won't ever fail us, even with your sister on the line, you are still fearless and never jump to action out of affection, we will work on that." Frank said. Katie could get that he was indirectly referring to Fred and his actions. Guess she wasn't the only one that observed that as Fred suddenly stood up. "I need some air." He said and left. "I will check for eye witnesses at the court, even the judge is one. And also check records of her whereabouts for the days before the trial." Tony said and turned to leave too. "Thanks, I will check if I can find some more evidence." Frank said too and they both left. Linda looked at Katie keenly and with just one stare, Katie knew what she was going to say. "Maybe you should go and meet him dear." Katie sighed. "Why me? Why not you?" Katie asked, but another stare stopped her from hoping for answers. "Okay, I will go." Linda smiled as Katie left.
    Katie searched for Fred quietly. She felt sad for him. Was she being heartless or cold? Only she understood what was going on with him because only she knew about his family and what they had been through. She understood perfectly why he went after his mother immediately he saw her. But still, he should have stuck to their plan. She found him on the terrace, the breeze blowing his shirt slowly, he backed her and was obviously lost in thoughts. His backview was astonishing, he was charming, she couldn't dispute that. She guessed he noticed her presence because he smiled without looking back when she got closer to him. "You know, I went to see my dad before we went to execute the plan. He was lying helplessly on the bed. He has never asked me for something before, nothing Katie. But today he did, with tear in his eyes, he pleaded for me to bring his wife back. And right at that moment, I made a promise to myself that I would bring her back at all costs." He turned slowly to face her. "I couldn't help it, I saw a perfect opportunity. I had so many hopes, when she got back, everything was gonna be okay. I planned on traveling with both of them, I planned on living a better life and forgetting about all of this mess. How could I have pulled back, I just couldn't Katie." He said. Katie felt pity for him, though she was angry with him. "Georgina used your weakness against you." Katie said, and nodding, Fred replied. "Oh yes, I was weak, I admit, really weak. But nothing is more important to me than getting my mother back, absolutely nothing." He fought back tears, maybe he didn't wanna cry right when she was there.
   And there, unexpectedly, he pulled her closer and kissed her slowly. She was shocked, so she didn't kiss back, she stiffened. Oh how she missed the taste of his lips, how she missed being held by him. But no, she shouldn't get carried away, he didn't love her, the idea made her push free from him and run back into the house.

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