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Saturday, 31 March 2018


Chapter 34

    Tony waited impatiently for the judge to arrive as Wayne was being brought in. They had little thing against him now as Georgina had gathered hard evidence against them. If he wasn't careful, Fred would replace Wayne in jail. Tony knew Wayne was Katie's nightmare and if he was released, Katie would start to panic again. His mind went to the last conversation they had together. Fred had told her everything, why the hell would he do that? Did he think she would forgive him or give him chance after everything? There was only one explanation, Fred had given up on Katie. Well he had not, so why would he ruin things for him? He had nothing against Fred and though it was his sister that was at stake just because of Fred's reckless behaviour, he wasn't as angry as Frank with him, but still, he should have considered him and thought about what Katie would think of him. The judge entered shortly, cutting him short in his thoughts. Everyone stood to honour his presence. It was another judge, a man this time around, who was to try their case. Everyone settled down. The case was called. The defence lawyer was still Mr Godwin and he whispered loudly to him. "Nice meeting you again Mr Lorrel." Smiling cunningly. Tony had seen all the evidence they had against them as the rule of the court and he had looked for everything to counter their stand, he hoped it was enough.
   "The defendant should present the evidence to the court. This is the last time this case would be put on trial, there is no time to waste." The judge said, obviously impatient. "Your honour." Godwin stood up. "Justice must be done in this case. Due to some circumstances the last time, the judgement wasn't fair, I hope this evidence will prove me right so only the guilty would be sent to jail." Godwin said and winked at Tony after looking at Fred. He presented everything, the video and pictures and defended his point to implicate Fred just the way Frank said Georgina had said it. The video of Fred forcing Helena, the one of Frank too. It was a perfect story, Tony must admit, but only a fool would believe it. "Mr Lorrel, are you still the defence council of Frederick Stiles?" The judge asked, Tony stood up. "Yes your honour." Tony replied. "Do you have anything in your defence?" He asked again and when Tony answered, said. "The floor is yours."
    Tony came forward and smiled. "Wow, oh wow. Brilliant isn't it? The story was perfect. Which makes me wonder Mr Godwin, how you only have to wait this long to bring the evidence to court. Your honour, this is a crooked up story which the court shouldn't believe." Tony paused. "But the evidence backed the story up." The judge took the opportunity to say. "Of course. But your honour, do you know that not everything is what they appear to be? We shouldn't foolishly follow something because it is a proof, but we should use our sense sometimes. On the 15th of July, Miss Helena was present in this court, life and direct for the trial, makes me wonder how someone who was kidnapped flew to the court to witness her brother's trial. Strange isn't it? Except Miss Helena is a twin which I'm sure she is not." Tony said. "Objection, there is no proof that she was here on that day." Mr Godwin said causing some noise among the witnesses present there who obviously with their noise, were present on that day and saw Helena. "Order!" The court became silent again. Tony smiled.
   "Guess that's a clear opposition of what you said Mr Godwin, but nevertheless, I have prove that she was here on that day, and not only that, she never went missing for the period of time they claim she was kidnapped." Bringing the evidence, he continued. "They claim she was kidnapped yet no one reported to the cops that someone went missing, interesting. Your honour, this is a video clip of Miss Helena, at the court. Guess they had forgotten there was a security camera here, and here also is the phone records of Miss Helena between those days they claim she was missing, she called her friends and received calls, makes me wonder how someone who was kidnapped was given privilege to call and chat with friends." The whole court laughed. "I have witnesses, and counting them, they are up to twenty who can witness the presense of Helena in this court, we don't want to waste out time now, do we?" Tony asked and went to sit, causing a round of applause from the people.
    "Mr Godwin, your case." The judge said. "Your honour." Godwin came forward. "Its so easy to say that because the person who kidnapped Helena, Frederick Stiles, is smarter than we think. About the phone records first My Lord, Helena had left her phone at her friend's place, she was the one who used Helena's phone in the mean time and she was the one who let Helena's family know she was missing since she never came back for her phone the whole day. And for the presence of Helena here in court. Oh common, we all are in the twenty-first century, technology has bloomed and there are no fingerprints or anything to prove that it was actually Helena. It was just someone wearing a mask of her. Frederick had planned everything so well so as not to cause commotion about Helena being missing. The evidence I showed clearly proves everything, we should think clearly before believing anything." Godwin said. "Exactly what I am saying, your story is hard to believe." Tony said from his seat. They had a perfect explanation yeah, but it wasn't enough, the judge should know that. He never even asked for the so called Helena's friend to come to the witness box. There was something about this judge and the way he behaved. Had he been bribed?
    "We just can't ignore the evidence Wayne and his lawyer has because it goes a long way. So because of this, Wayne should be released from the prison till further notice and more evidence has been acquired, but he isn't totally free. In his place, Frederick Stiles should be put in custody till the next trial." The judge declared, impossible, how could he give that kind of judgement? It wasn't right, Tony thought. "Your Honour, there is also no tangible or strong evidence against Frederick. Only a video that nobody is sure here is true. Besides My Lord, kidnapping is a bail able offence, and I request that my client be released on bail." Tony rushed to stop the judge before he could conclude. He thought for a while and looked at the jury before judging. " Frederick is hereby released on bail till the next trial." The judge gave his final verdict and rose. Tony could see the look of happiness of Georgina's face as her son was released. At least, Fred was not arrested. They had to do something to send both mother and son back to jail, without leaving Helena out. They had won today, but he wasn't going to let them win again, he promised himself.

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