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Tuesday, 27 March 2018


I was like “what the hell, she's a virgin?” I was dumbfounded and started regretting my actions, I don't know what else to do I just sit down there looking at the blood as if I just comit a big sin, oh well there is nothing like big sin after all sin na sin.
Not knowing what else to do so I got up and took my clothes, I gently walk out of her room and close the door behind, the day is still new and all my neighbors are still sleeping, I walk to my room and lock the door, I drop my dress on the chair and lay down on the bed and started thinking how Aunt Aneeta manage to remain a virgin, I still can't believe it or maybe my eyes decieved me? No it was real and her laps were stained too, oh boy she try to be virgin oh at age 28 abi 29 I don't know her exact age I just know my elder sister is between 28-29 and they are age mate so I assumed she's 28 or 29 too.
And she have date alot of guys how come she still manage to keep herself intact? Oh well I wish she can answer that but I know after what happened now she will start keeping her distance from me, even me too I feel ashame like I don't want to see her again, but I did enjoy her I must confess and if she want a relationship am ready to drop all my other side chicks and concentrate on only her but I know that's just an imagination that can never come to pass, not with Aunt Aneeta anyway.
I released inside her I hope my seed manifest Inside her like a mustard seed so that she won't have any other choice than to give in, oh well let me keep watching her and see how things unfold.
As I lay on my bed thinking about the recent pleasure with Aunt Aneeta I then remember that my house is ready for use already.
Without thinking much about my recent thought about packing in Later in the night I quickly stand up and started arranging my things, I know I have committed a crime and I need to run away before the door open wide, I don't know what Aunt Aneeta reaction will be but one thing is for sure she won't be happy about it, with that alone I need to leave this compound immediately.

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