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Wednesday, 28 March 2018


I pass the other road by my left because I don't want to mistakenly see her now, I can see her later but not now please, as I walk gently to my center I remember fidelis because that's where she lives (I mean the road am following now) I walk for some minutes before I reach school of health Benin city, I pass the school and enter main road straight to the street where I study, I enter the street and when I get to my center I saw one of the girl sweeping, seems like am early so I just greet her and enter inside, am the first person here today hallelujah, is not even eight yet so I boot the computer and started typing, with time people started coming one by one and then when the manager arrive he came to me and teach me some things in MS word, after Fifteen minutes lesson he gave me a sheet with little words and he told me to type it the exact way it is, I took it and started typing and as I was typing somebody came in, I quickly turn to look and once again I was disappointed, guess who am looking for of course it's Ngozi, I know she won't come again but at least I still hope she come so that we talk, am not angry with her she should come and continue her lesson please, I understand why she acted that way so I don't blame her, she should come and continue her lesson please Infact I owe her an apology I think.
I finish the work and then he gave me another work, he teach me many other things like how to add bullet and how to number each page, how to import and export and how to print out, I even use the system for work to print out a document, I was happy very happy, he told me to continue the MS word for one more week so that I will master it and then he will teach me Ms Excel, I thank him and continue my work at least am improving, if my sister ask me to tell her what I have learn so far I can even show her not tell her.
The girl that celebrate her birthday last time didn't come to work today maybe she's still celebrating, and also the girl called angel is not here too, that one come anytime she want as if this place is her father's house, and even the manager can't even say anything unlike before when he drove her away because of her dressing, but now anytime she come he will welcome her like friend, oh well since him don eat the kpomo wetin I expect? I once vow to enter that place but now am more concern about Aneeta than any other thing, she's the least of my concern now so far Aneeta is there, of course I still think about Ngozi where ever she is I pray she's safe and I believe we will meet again whenever and wherever.
My time elapse and I got up and bade everybody goodbye, I walk out of the center and enter road to Ngozi house, ten minutes later I stand In front of their house knocking, of course there is somebody inside because the door is not lock outside here, I continue knocking till somebody open the door.
Temihsmart: good evening Oz
Me: what's up.
Temihsmart: am fine come on in.
I walk in and lock the door behind me, it's obvious she's alone and I saw many books scattered on the ground like she's reading.
Me: how is your body? (I ask as I sat on the chair)
Temihsmart: getting better, thanks alot.
Me: am sorry for not coming back.
Temihsmart: you already did your part before leaving, am grateful.
Me: not all my part, what are doing?
Temihsmart: am reading oh, exam has started oh.
Me: serious?
Temihsmart: yeah, I have to read oh.
Me: yeah, have you heard anything about Ngozi?
Temihsmart: no oh, what about you?
Me: nothing.
Temihsmart: if she contact you tell her am not angry, she can come let's continue as friend, beside after exam am gone.
Me: I wish she contact me self.
Temihsmart: so she won't come and continue her study? though she's almost through.
Me: even if she's through she will need her certificate now.
Temihsmart: yeah you are right.
Me: don't you have any of her relative to call?
Temihsmart: I called her elder brother yesterday he was even asking me about her, I had to lie because I don't want them to be worried.
Me: so what are we going to do? We need to find her.
Temihsmart: I will visit her friend Tomorrow after class.
Me: okay keep me in touch okay.
Temihsmart: I will, you really miss her don't you?
Me: of course I do, abeg make I they go house I get work for house.
Temihsmart: okay then, when will I come visit you?
Me: hahaha if you see the kind wife I get for house this time na your head she go cut commot.
Temihsmart: hahahahaha.
She see me off and then later return to continue her study, I walk home alone and tasty, I stop in one store to buy pure water which I consume without breathing.
I bought indomie on my way and when I got home I cook the indomie and eat, I sleep and wake up around seven, I dress and walk to Aunt Aneeta house, I saw her door with heavy padlock, I went home and the next day when returning from study I branch at her house and when I get to her door I saw it still heavily lock, the next day same thing, I started getting worried and then I dial her number and this is what I heard.
“The MTN Number You Are Trying To Call Is Currently Switched Off Please Try Again Later”
where the hell is she?

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