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Thursday, 29 March 2018


Ria: hello my angel, how are you?
Me: am fine, are you back?
Ria: yes, I arrive yesterday and am planning on meeting up with you tomorrow.
Me: alright no problem.
Ria: are you okay?
Me: yes, why do you ask?
Ria: Because your voice is really down.
Me: don't mind me, am just waking up from sleep.
Ria: waking up by this time when you suppose to go-to sleep?
Me: yeah, I guess no sleep for me today.
Ria: what did you do during the day?
Me: nothing, just work.
Ria: okay then, I will see you tomorrow afternoon I hope you won't be busy?
Me: no I won't, you can come by three
Ria: alright then, and make sure you dress proper because am taking you out.
Me: alright thanks.
Ria: you welcome, and then…….
(Another call came in, a strange number).
I thought it was Aneeta and without thinking twice I cut Ria call to pick the strange number and when I pick it guess what I heard, a music.
I cut the call and throw the phone away, I don't know why MTN keep calling me telling me to choose a caller tune, I wish I can find a way to stop them from calling me.
I relax on my bed and started thinking about what Ria said about taking me out for shopping, I guess she want to buy the mini fridge for me and the Samsung TV, I wish she can just give me the money and forget about buying them, anyway I can always sell them anytime Because I can't let my sister see them.
I didn't sleep on time I slept maybe around eleven or twelve and then I woke up around eight in the morning because I didn't sleep on time, I didn't even eat before I sleep but who will blame me, am obsessed with Aneeta and if I don't see her this coming week I don't know what will happen to me, I don't even have any of her relative number with me or maybe I have Cynthia number with me, I will check later when going to work for now let me quickly take my bath because am late already.
Ten minutes later am on my way to work and I even follow the road that lead to Aneeta's house to check if she's back but the situation remain the same, the door is heavily lock with key, I came out and continue my journey to work without looking at Mama Favor shop.

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