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Friday, 30 March 2018


When I got to work i look around for Ngozi and still yet no sign of her, I did my things quietly and then around minutes pass one I took my things and walk out of the center, as I walk out of the street and as I wanted to cross to main road I look back and I saw somebody like Ngozi entering the computer center, I quickly turn back and return to the center, I walk inside and saw madam Ngozi facing her computer, looking thin and dirty,.
I drop my things and return to o my computer..
Manager: Ozila I thought you are done for today.
Me: no sir, i just went to buy something.
So she was around but was afraid to come inside since? she was waiting for me to go before she come in, I don't know why she's scared oh not that I will do her anything oh, and even my manager didn't say anything maybe she came yesterday too so they discussed.
The girl that celebrated her birthday won't be coming back she has been replaced already with another girl, I wonder why my manager always prefer to employ girls only, not just my manager but many managers too.
I played game with the computer for one hour before Ngozi got up from her seat taking her small pox, immediately she walk outside I got up too and run after her, she was walking very fast as if she knows I will be following her.
“Hey Ngozi wait up” I said as I got closer to her.
When she heard my voice she fasten her footstep, I don't mind if people are watching us I simply run after her and caught up with her, I hold her arm.
Me: hey come on. (She stood akimbo and face me).
Ngozi: what? (See how she squize face like am the one that commit crime)
Me: come on you cant run away forever.
Ngozi: see I really don't want to talk to you, just let me go.
Me: I can't we need to settle our difference, Temihsmart is worried about you.
Ngozi: so what do you want me to do?
Me: we need you back in the house, we miss you please come back.

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