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Friday, 30 March 2018


Ngozi: I can't, am sorry for what I did. (She said bending her face as if she want to cry).
Me: oh come on now, I should be the one apologizing.
Ngozi: no, you don't understand, I betrayes everybody.
Me: can we go some place quiet?
Ngozi: okay then.
I hold her as we walk hand in hand to one cool drinking spot, we sat together and then she started.
Ngozi: I dont know what came over me that day, am really ashame of myself.
Me: oh well Temihsmart understand clearly, she forgive you already and she want you back, she even called your brother at home.
Ngozi: really?
Me: yeah, she's very worried about you, am sorry too I didn't think before I act, forgive me.
Ngozi: no, I should be the one asking for forgiveness, am not even your girlfriend I shouldn't behave like that please forgive me.
Me: okay then, if you really want to make up, go to Temihsmart now and reconcile with her.
Ngozi: how can I face her?
Me: I told you she forgive you already so just go now and make peace.
Ngozi: okay thanks very much, we will see tomorrow then.
Me: alright.
She walk out and then I look my phone and saw that it's almost three, meaning Ria will soon call and as if she's reading my thought, my phone started ringing and I look at the screen and saw Ria.
Ria: hello, am almost at your house now hope you are ready?
Me: sure am ready.
Ria: okay then.
I took a box straight home and when I came in front of my street I started walking home, getting to Aneeta house there I saw a Toyota van in front of the house and loads on the back as if somebody is relocating, I fasten my footstep and walk faster, getting closer there I saw Aneeta coming out from the house and inside the van straight, the driver took off and they speed pass me, I run after them calling Aunt Aneeta to please wait, I was waving my hand to make sure she see me, and when they got to main road they turn left and speed off, I stop a bus immediately and as I wanted to enter I saw Ria car coming with my phone ringing, I know it's Ria calling, now should I enter the bus and follow Aunty Aneeta or I should welcome Ria?

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