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Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Episode 1
Well, I’m no writer but Ill like to tell you a little story sha, a true life story, well this girl nicknamed  tee-girl, on this fateful day, she said I should come and  visit her sha, I was like I cant come, im at work aidy, she said that she is bored that I should come and keep her company, then I still told her I cant come, then she was like the truth is that she is horny, kai, unto say I don dey eye this babe, ion fit let this opportunity pass me by, so I got on a bus to school area, on the way I got to a pharmacist shop and bought tramador(no ask me how many milligram I buy o),got to her hostel, she was wearing this singlet and blue bumshort, my God …tee-girl sha lock door.
Then I was expecting action, and all she said was like she wanted to watch film, for my mind I was thinking(which kain mumu film b dat one, maybe na blue film sha), unfortunately, na one mumu korean film, dem no even kiss, and this babe dey watch am with seriousness, ahhh… time dey go it was already 6:10pm and I was supposed to be back home by 5:30, buh I sha shut up, 6:30 nack… I was forced to talk, babe I thought u said u were horny, and she was like she was horny before, she wasn’t anymore horny more, in my mind( I was like yeeeee, after using tramador, this babe wantu finish my destiny like this)…
But then I told her, lets play truth or dare, but dares only, 18+ ooo, and she was like since that shey I couldn’t talk ni, (wawu), so I got my phone, googled 50 erotic dares, we agreed for her to go first and the first dare was “give ur partner head for 30 secs” and she no even allow make I talk finish, she pulled down my trousers and…. See as u… you like story gaan ooo, and na introduction be this oo..

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