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Sunday, 25 March 2018


I hurriedly brushed my teeth,showered for seven minutes and changed into a comfy jean and a off shoulder top. No time to deal with my hair so I just ran my fingers through it and shook my head making my black slightly curled hair fall on my face. Then I pushed my neck back and my hair fell to the back making it wavy. Viola simple hair treatment. You should try it sometime.
I held Lily's hand and dragged her out of the room,when we got to the private dinning table I noticed that few of our students left already and they were proceeding to the tour bus.
"Gabriella we don't have enough time to eat now" Lily smacked my hand away from the slices of bread on the table and stared at me angrily.
"I'm sorry alright,we will get something on our way I promise" I offered making her smile slightly then we went out of the hotel and my jaw almost reached the ground when I saw a huge double decker bus parked outside.
"Yay!,we will be touring on that" Lily jumped up excitedly. And I smiled going into the bus and heading to the top.
"I thought they weren't going to join us Emma" I heard Emma's best friend Tessa say whilst glaring at the both of us.
"We can deal with a couple of uninvited guest for a day I guess" Emma shrugged. I wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine but ignored her and settled in at the middle seat close to the window with Lily sitting beside me.
Today's tour was all about the London bridge experience,we saw the Tower of London which was magnificent,the HMS Belfast legendary battleship,Hay's Galleria,Tower bridge which is the oldest and most historic river crossing,well according to the tour guide. I jotted some important information to share with my little brother Matt when I get home.
Some of the guys at my back were sleeping and others were yawning and muttering " boring historical stuff" but roared with joy when we got to Borough market.
Everyone got down and I was astonished taking in the place. It is one of the most popular food markets in London. We ate a lot of old English foods there including French cheeses,Mexican burritos,Spanish olives and more of English cakes. Yes,this is pure bliss people! I moaned slightly munching on the various kinds of food,Lily and I ate a lot due to us not eating earlier at the hotel Then we got back in the bus to continue our tour.
After about an hour,we stopped at a concert and decided to have a break. Lily and I excused ourselves and proceeded to catch a glimpse to who was performing in the concert. When we got there, three huge security guards motioned for us to hand them our concert tickets and they threw us out when we couldn't give them.
"Gabriella I really need to pee" Lily said hurriedly.
"Not now Lily,can't you hold it in?" I asked her,she shook her head and motioned to a rest room close to the exist of the concert and said...
"Give me just two minutes,I'll be right back"
"But-" I tried to say but she left already. Ugh,must she have to go now. I waited for five minutes and decided to go see what's holding her up,I was about knocking on the rest room door but stopped when I heard an old woman yell "he's got my bag,someone please stop him!" I looked over to the security guards who were busy controlling the large crowd from entering into the concert without their tickets and didn't hear the old woman yell.
Mum always said and I quote "an act of good deed can make someone's day" so I ran after the thief holding a pink purse,I ran so fast that I couldn't feel my legs. The thief turned to a different lane and I did the same bumping into a lot of people muttering.. "sorry"
"Pardon me"
"Coming through".
I was so close to catching him but was yanked softly away from the scene.

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