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Thursday, 29 March 2018


Daniella's POV
It has been exactly two days since Jared called off our engagement. I didn't talk or listen to his pleads during the last days.
I recall what my Mum told me..
Don't let this get into your head during your
concert today,prove to Jared that you are better off without him and make us proud sweetheart.
And I absolutely took it,judging from the loud screams coming from the audience. Everyone loved my performance and were singing in sync to every words of my song making me feel giddy with excitement.
"Okay,that was absolutely your best performance ever" Beth giggled whilst clapping her hands.
"Nuh uh- it wasn't, the concert in school is the best so far" I disagreed with my best friend.
"This one is" she countered back childishly.
"No,it's not- don't make me do this Beth" I signed. I'm not arguing over this again,when I know for sure that my concert in our school was the best. It had over one million views on YouTube.(not much for most celebrities but hey,I just started climbing the ladder to fame,so it means a whole lot to me) So definitely not something to argue about.
She simply scoffed in annoyance and turned the door knob of my changing room. Darkness filled us immediately and I hurried to the light switch. When I turned it on,something caught my attention like a cat with black fur. I paused and was about to check what it was until...
"Daniella,I'm so tired" Beth whined dramatically while settling on a sofa. I rolled my eyes at her.
"You didn't do anything Beth, I was the one performing. Remember?" I laughed lightly at her childish pout.
I heard a familiar phone ring and turned to see Beth rummaging through her lavender clutch for her iPhone. Her face hardened when she saw the caller but answered it nevertheless. After about five seconds she turned to me with an heavy sign.
"I need to go Daniella,call me if you need anything" she got up hurriedly and I was about asking her what the problems was but was greeted with the loud sound of the door being hit against the wall making my ears bleed internally.
I signed and got on a bean bag,then decided to undress before heading home. I removed my diamond necklace given to me by my Mum and continued to pull out my ornaments and gold.
Then I heard a loud patter,I jinked immediately gaping at the ground to see pieces of my flowery vase shattered completely,I looked upwards to see the cause of it in shards then I saw a figure making me gasp louder than I would ever have imagined.
Someone's in my room!!!.
How did she get here?.yeah,I knew it was a she judging from the black- like shadow hair but I couldn't see the face.
I disagree to die this way!
A girl shouldn't intimidate me. Nuh uh.
We will fight this till the end.

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