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Sunday, 25 March 2018


Meanwhile in Edo state, Kenneth Obi, a tall dark muscular young man had gone to a herbalist for consultation. Kenneth (popularly called Dr Ken), was a different person to different people. To some, he was a brilliant Medical student, to some, he was just the regular President of the medical students association, to some, he was an awesome DJ, to some, he was a gym freak and to others, he was a humble, easygoing guy. However, to the Angels of Light, he was the Capon, the 01, the most powerful. The other Ken who Ashi met was the 2ic, the second most powerful. Dr Ken was young, 23 years old to be precise, and a final year medical student.
The herbalist had been the backbone of the Angels of Light for several years, and indeed, he had never failed. That Tuesday morning, he had called Dr Ken and had told him to come over immediately.
Dr Ken designated the necessary duties accordingly, and off he went to Benin with an Angel of Light, whose duty was to be with the Capon at all times. On getting to Benin, the herbalist wasted no time in telling them about a possible death during the initiation. According to him, the goddess (mammy water) wanted blood, and in fact, wanted the blood of one of the senior Angels of Light, and she had planned a fracas to ensure between the Angels of Light and the Vipers and during the fracas, a senior Angel of Light was meant to die. However, after several sacrifices, mammy water decided to take one of the intending Angels. Ken was sad, he didn't want to lose any Angel, senior or Junior, but he had no choice, mammy water had spoken.
The herbalist further stated that there was a bot amongst the intending initiates, upon who the future of the Angels of Light fraternity depends. He would be the one to make or mar the fraternity. He then urged Dr Ken to watch over him and also guide him aright. Dr Ken was further confused. He didn't understand how the fate of the almighty fraternity would be tied around just one guy, an intending initiate. After the necessary sacrifices, the herbalist started giving Dr Ken the names the intending Angels would bear in the fraternity after initiation. He told Dr Ken 45 intending members are available, 40 would be initiated, 1 would die, and 4 would be screened.Dr Ken wrote 1-40 on his pad, and started fixing the names according to the numbers. When he got to the last number, the herbalist took longer than usual in calling out the name. After a while, he eventually said the boy would be called 'Showers of Mercy', and that sounded awkward to Dr Ken. The name was quite mouthful. Also, they were in the dry season and weren't expecting rainfall soon, so why involve shower? The herbalist smiled and told him that was the boy in question, the boy who would determine the future of the fraternity. He further went on to say that a sign would be given just before the boy is initiated, and the sign would be a rainfall. That would signify the existence of a dangerous, unscrupulous and yet, merciful Angel in the fraternity. Afterwards, Dr Ken and his soldier departed and went back to school, to prepare for the initiation and also see who the strange boy was.
Friday came and everywhere was as quiet as a graveyard. The Angels of Light and the intending members were acting like nothing was happening that day. In fact, those who had classes attended. Ashi had an 8am to 10am class and also attended. However, things started taking shape around 1pm. At exactly 1pm, everybody ate and drank to their fill, after which they all moved to the large room. There, Ken addressed them all. He asked the intending members if they were joining willingly or are being forced. They all replied that they were joining willingly. The forms they filled were given back to them and they were asked questions. They were told to identify their sponsors/mentors. Ashi identified Ken and Ken signed the form. Later, the bags of everybody were searched, afterwhich they all moved to the initiation ground.
The initiation ground was a large parcel of land, used for agriculture. The land could comfortably accommodate three spacious estates. The land was acquired several years back, by some graduate members of the fraternity, as a way of generating money for the fraternity. However, after a while, they realised the land could serve other purposes, and since then, it has served as their safest fortress, and also their initiation ground. No outsider was allowed in there, except for labourers who were sourced from other states. The location was about 45 minutes drive from the school environment, and once inside, they were in a world of their own.
On getting there, an Angel of Light alighted from the bus and went to double-check the security of the place. Once satisfied, he signalled to others, who drove in peaceful. They drove to the other end if the farmland, where a bungalow was built, and a large portion of land cleared, like a field. Another guy alighted and took the intending members into the house, where he blindfolded them all. When the other Angels had surveyed the location and were comfortable, Ken called everybody to order, and told them the initiation proper was about to start. On that initiation ground were capons of 3 other schools and other high ranking members. The capons didn't take orders from Ken but they respected him. However, other members in that gathering took orders from him. As far as the fraternity was concerned, he was a boss.
Immediately he called them to order, they began to move into the cleared part in an orderly manner, starting from the least ranked, to the highest ranked. They were all cladded in white shirts, black trousers, yellow long hose, black boots and a white beret. The highly ranked members wore armbands which sugnified their ranks. They all (except the capons and Ken) switched off their phones and formed a perfect circle.

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