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Monday, 26 March 2018


The initiation ground was dark, as there was no lightening there. The only source of light was from a lantern with a red cloth tied around it. The cloth reduced the brightness of the lantern and made it possible for it to shine only around it. Ken being the second in command was the one who held it.
The lantern was also a symbol of authority, with which he led the other members.
The Angels of Light formed a big circle around Ken, who addressed them accordingly. He reminded them of the purpose for the meeting, which was to initiate new Angels. Just as he was speaking, a phone rang from the far end of the circle.
'Whose phone is that?' Ken asked angrily.
A scared guy raised up his hands.
'Angel Terror, come to the centre circle', Ken said with a raised voiced and immediately the guy entered the centre of the circle, beside Ken.
'Angel Terror, what did I say concerning phones on this sacred ground?', Ken asked.
'Mi lordship, you said we should switch off our phones', the guy replied.
'Why then did you defy my order?' Ken asked further.
'I'm sorry mi lordship' the guy replied.
A visibly pissed Ken looked at the guy and told him to lower his hight.
'Make every junior Angel porous this Angel for 10 minutes', Ken ordered.
Immediately, all the junior ranked Angels descended on the guy and started kicking and punching him. The guy was so weak and bloodied.
After 10 minutes, Ken ordered them to stop and then collected his phone and told him to fall back in line.
The meeting continued with singing and drumming around a bonfire. The guys sang and danced to their bush songs around the fire and it was as if a spirit had descended on them.
Meanwhile in the room where the intending initiates were kept, the guys were seriously being tortured to show their ruggedity. Different tests were administered, with everyone who failed being dealt with.
'Spell staphylococcus', an Angel asked an intending initiate. 'S T A F I...' the poor boy stammered.
Before he completed it, he heard the sound of cutlass on his back. The pain was so much that other intending initiates shook in fear.
When the tension in the room subsided, the intending initiates were asked to move to another part of the compound, very close to the main initiation ground and just outside the room they were before. Ken came to see them, a part of him was glad they were all okay, and the other part angry, because he felt the boys were still too clean. They had come for an initiation, they needed to get dirty! Ken then ordered all the intending initiates to get up, paired them and instructed them to make their partner fall. They were to remain blindfolded with no facial contact. He further threatened to take those who fall into the devil's passage. On hearing that, the intending initiates began to fear. They didn't know what the devil's passage was, and they dreaded dying.
Immediately they all began to do everything they could to make each others fall. It was such a funny sight, seeing blindfolded guys trying to fall each other. Some lost balance and fell, and some were fell by their partners. After a long time, they were all dirty, and the atmosphere was lit up, exactly what Ken wanted, a rugged initiation atmosphere. He then assigned 4 Angels to continue handling the boys while he attended to the perfect circle.
The atmosphere in the perfect circle was dull when he got there and Ken was pissed at the way things were going. He knew it was a sign, but what sign it was, he wasn't sure.
'Make all Angels apart from the senior Angels on board take on each other, I need this circle to get rough', Ken thundered and immediately, everyone in that category began to haul each other.
Cries of 'easy na', 'mercy me' 'small small' were heard from them all and just as Ken was about to stop them, an Angel mistakenly hit the lantern and caused it to fall on its side. Ken went mad. That act was an abominable act. The lantern wasn't expected to fall at anytime. He told the guy to come into the circle and personally hauled him till the guy broke a leg.
Ken knew too much about the lantern, he knew there were spiritual attachments to it, and the falling signified death. He knew death was around, but who would die, he didn't know.
He had had enough, he just had to get things done over with. He signalled to the Angels with the intending members to speed up whatever they were doing.
Meanwhile, inside the compound, Senior Angel Peace and Wealth (Dr Ken) was seated in a room with his lieutenant. They were relaxing and waiting for Ken to call them to come over. They didn't have much to do, there's was just to do the blood oath part and leave. Senior Angel Beauty and Wisdom (Ken) was supposed to handle the rest, and he was doing that well. Dr Ken asked his lieutenant again, what he thought of what the herbalist said.
'See mi rugged Senior Angel, I just feel say as the baba na confirm, make we just prepare for it. Also, make we ask Beauty and Wisdom if any signal show from mammy water', the lieutenant replied.
Dr Ken nodded and closed his eyes. That was one of the periods he wished he had handed over to someone else, the other Ken to be precise. However, that wasn't possible, as they both were graduating. They had done their parts, and would soon handover to some new leaders. However, he still wasn't sure who he would handover to, as those qualified weren't showing the skills to be leaders. Dr Ken just wished the night got over quickly. Time check, 8:30pm.
Back at the location of the initiation, a particular intending initiate was feeling discomfort breathing but was too shy to let others know. He felt he could be punished. Unknown to him, there was a first aid arrangement made already, and two nurses were in a room with their medical equipment set up. The torture continued for about some minutes before it ended. Then, the intending initiates were told to stand up in a file, drink some water and get ready for the next line of action. Ken also called Dr Ken to come over and complete the process. As soon as Ken made the call, he told an Angel to arrange mammy water's corner, where Dr Ken would sit and initiate the guys. Also, drinks mixed together were provided, along with some tasteless pieces of meat. Also, two packets of new blades were provided.
Few minutes later, a voice was heard coming into that part of the compound.
'Clear road for the rugged Senior Angel of Light, Peace and Wealth. Whoever obstructs his path shall not leave alive', the voice thundered. Immediately, all the Angels formed a straight line leaving the path to the mammy water's corner free. Furthermore, they all turned their backs and lowered their heights. Dr Ken was regarded as a deity, and he was feared and respected asuch.
Dr Ken walked majestically into the gathering and greeted Ken. He then instructed other Angels to rise up and face him, which they all did. However, they couldn't look at him straight in the eyes as it was considered a taboo. They all looked at their feet.
'Angels of Light I greet you all. Today we are witnessing the initiation of new members. Today, you all are becoming seniors again. Remember to cater for the soon-to-be members. Also remember to guide them aright. I won't say more than that', Dr Ken said, and the Angels shouted 'Akunmalele ooo', meaning 'so be it'.
Dr Ken then face Ken and asked him if there was any signal that was worth taking note of, and Ken replied that he felt death was around. Dr Ken and his lieutenant looked at each other and sighed.
'The atmosphere is tense, and the atukpa even fell', Ken said sadly. '
Any notable casualty yet?' Dr Ken asked.
'None recorded yet', Ken replied.
Just then, there was a loud shout from where the intending initiates were told to stand. Ashi had fainted due to exhaustion and the Angels raised the alarm. They took him to the back of the building, unbuttoned his clothes and poured some water on him. When Dr Ken, his lieutenant and Ken got there, they were sad. They thought he had died. Ken was puzzled as to why death came for Ashi in particular. He wasn't sure Ashi was dead. Ashi was a fighter, and he had to fight death now. Dr Ken and his lieutenant on the other hand were confused. It seemed the herbalist got the message wrong they both thought. Dr Ken even made a mental note of telling the herbalist how wrong he was, the following day. One of the nurses looked at Ashi and felt his pulse. SHe noticed he had weak pulse, meaning Ashi was alive.
'He never drop!' Dr Ken said excitedly. Ken secretly thanked his creator for keeping Ashi. Dr Ken told some guys to turn fan Ashi for some minutes and then give him water. After what seemed like eternity, Ashi opened his eyes. Everyone was happy, they had escaped mammy water's punishment, so they thought.
Ashi was led back to the fold and his face was blindfolded. He was however, given a seat while others remained standing.
After a while, Dr Ken blessed the gathering and went to his seat. Just then, the lantern went out again without anybody touching it. Ken was confused. Why would that happen again? He lit up the lantern again and went to inform Dr Ken.
'Baba, e be like say mammy water no gree yet o, the atukpa die again just now, by itself', Ken said.
Dr Ken was visibly shaken, he didn't know what to do. He then told Ken to let the initiates come over quickly for the last part of initiation.
Ken signalled for everyone to be silent, form two lines with space in between and await the arrival of the intending initiates. The intending initiates were to crawl in-between them till they got to Dr Ken. Angels of Light there present were expected to beat and treat the intending initiates like non-initiates one last time before they were finally initiated. The Angels made sure they gave the intending members as hard as they could, some got slapped, some got punched, others got kicked. Ashi being the last person on the queue felt someone urinate on him.
The first guy was brought in and after reciting the oath, got his thumb pinched, his blood collected, ate the tasteless meat and also drank from the red mixture. Dr Ken looked into his jotter and gave him the name as given by the herbalist. The next guy was brought in and same thing happened. The same thing happened to the fourth, fifth and others in that manner. However, when it got to the fifteenth guy, tragedy struck. While still in the devil's passage, the guy was hit hard by some guys on his back and he fell. The fall made him lose strength and he became weaker, struggling for breadth. He however struggled to complete the initiation process but slumped on his was out. He died on the spot. He was later identified to be the Vice-chancellor's nephew. Everyone went moody. Mammy water had eventually taken an Angel.
The initiation process continued and the initiates got initiated. When it got to the 39th person, the sky became cloudy and it seemed like it wanted to rain. The guys didn't take note, but Dr Ken did. The 39th guy came out and then it was Ashi's turn to be initiated. Before he went in, he received several beatings from the devil's passage, as he was unfortunate to be the last. Ken came and led Ashi in and Ashi knelt in front of Dr Ken. On realising Ashi was the last person, Dr Ken looked at him carefully and sighed. He was about to initiate Showers of Mercy. Just as he was preparing to start the process, the sky opened and it began to rain. The rain came as a suprise, as they were in the dry season, and the rain was not expected. Dr Ken knew the herbalist was right, before him was the choosen Angel.
'Repeat after me and call yourself Shower of Mercy', Dr Ken said to Ashi who simply nodded.
'I, Shower of Mercy, on this day consent willingly to be a member of the Angels of Light fraternity. I vow to always walk within the tenets of this noble fraternity, to keep all rules and to be a perfect gentleman. I also vow never to discriminate against tribe, tongue or gender. As I have eaten the sacred flesh of mammy water and drank out of her blood, I vow to keep the secrets of this noble fraternity and it the cause of doing otherwise, may mammy water strike me dead, Akunmalele o', Dr Ken said and Ashi repeated.
It was over, Ashi was a member of the great Angels of Light fraternity, he had become Ashiwaju Adelana, bush-named Shower of Mercy.
When Ken led him out if that corner, he felt happy and relieved. Ashi finally made it. When he got to where the other guys were (by then they had formed a perfect circle) Ken raised Ashi's hands and said
'rugged brothers of this fraternity, fellow Angels of Light, I present to you, the last Angel of Light to be initiated, Angel Shower of Mercy'. Everyone shouted Akunmalele oo, rugged Angel you are welcome.
Dr Ken then addressed them and consoled them on the death of the guy who died. He then ordered the dead body to be packed and buried in the temple of the fallen angels, a building where members who died during initiation or as a result of clashes with other frats were buried.
Some guys were assigned the duty and others moved out in an orderly manner, with Ken leading the way with the latern on his head, and others following his footsteps. Immediately they got out of the initiation ground, the rain stopped. Time check 11:47pm.

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