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Wednesday, 28 March 2018


They all marched into a large room (more like a hall) where they all ate and drank, before proceeding to board the waiting bus. Before they boarded the bus, the new initiates were given a backpack each. The backpack contained new shirts of different colours with the AoL alphabets crested neatly and carefully on the right side. While some got blue, some got purple, some got yellow and Ashi and some guys got the green. They were warned not to exchange with anybody else. Ashi collected his backpack and boarded the bus. Hardly had Ashi sat in the bus when he slept off. He was so tired and weak, and just wanted to sleep his pain off.
Ashi was sure of what he saw, he was sure he saw an Angel (probably Angel Michael or Gabriel) signalling to him to change his clothes and come over to join them. He saw that the gathering was beautiful and he hastily pulled down his boxers. He was about to pull off his shirt when he had a somewhat familiar voice telling him to stop. 'Wetin dey do this young Angel na? Baba see as him wan run mad, better observe am well', the voice said. 'Why him been comot boxers from sleep na? Them give am Arizona for bush?' another voice said, and everybody started laughing. Ashi wondered if Angels spoke pidgin English. He was still thinking when he had a stinging slap on his face. Immediately, his unconsciousness cleared and he woke into consciousness. He looked around and indeed saw angels in the room. They were however not Angels from heaven, but his fellow Angels of Light.
He looked at himself, realized he was going Unclad and quickly pulled up his boxers. Everybody laughed at the short drama he acted and told him their own experiences. They were all talking until Ken came in.

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