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Thursday, 29 March 2018


]'Why una dey shout and why una dey make jest of a young Angel?' Ken asked angrily. 'Baba Showers of Mercy wan run mad ni, him don dey strip himself Unclad until Warrior Forever slapped the madness commot', a guy responded. Ken himself couldn't help but laugh. He understood Ashi's situation, he had tried. He called in a nurse and told her to attend to Ashi immediately. The nurse (who was Ken's favorite babe) did as she was told. She checked Ashi's pulse, eyes, heartbeat and physical body. She gave him and injection and also some pills. Ashi slept off immediately and was carried into Ken's room by some guys on Ken's instruction.
After few hours, Ashi woke up feeling better. He had his brunch and even had sex with Katrina, a girl Ken provided for him. Katrina was different, she was loving and caring, and Ashi thought about getting serious with her. However, he dismissed the thought immediately. He knew girls would not be a problem anymore, so he didn't have to stress himself. Ashi remembered the previous day and knew his life wouldn't be the same again. He felt like his inner man had gotten freedom. During his sleep, Blade had visited him in his dream and had urged him to be strong at heart, fearless and ruthless in action, yet merciful in thought. Blade told him not to be afraid, as he was special. He even told Ashi that he would be a better version of him. He further urged him to avenge his death and kill those who killed him.
Ashi woke up sweating and confused. He knew he would be a gentle-looking deadly guy, who would be better than his mentor. He however vowed to remain low-key and hide his identity for as long as possible. The thought of being a silent tormentor made him smile. When he was done with Katrina, he went to the sitting room and saw that a party was going on. While some were singing their bush songs, some were drinking, some were eating and others were smoking Cuban Cigar. Every member of the fraternity was in the room except for Dr Ken and his lieutenant. Ashi sat down at a corner looking lost. He didn't know anything he could say or do. Just then, he remembered he hadn't reached Sete since he came back and he was bothered. He made a mental note to ask Ken for his phone. Just then, Flash came over to where he sat.
'Hafar bro, why you low-key? You dey busy with that chick when we started and I no wan disturb you. You must be hungry again, food dey kitchen, go and take whatever you want. You are an angel now, we all have same rights, well, except for the Angels with heirarchy sha', Flash said. 'By the way, Ken wants to see you', Flash concluded and left to continue his fun.
Ashi was grateful to Flash for being by his side. Flash had taken an interest in him and had protected him in all ways he could. Ashi then wondered if Flash was the chief servant, but then thought he could be special also, to Ken. Flash was Ken's must trusted Angel. Ashi stood up and went over to Ken's seat. Ken stood up as he saw Ashi approach and smiled at him. 'Mi rugged brother, how body?' he said. 'Baba I bam', Ashi replied. Ken then took Ashi to his room to have some words with him. Ken opened the door and greeted Dr Ken, who was sitting comfortably on Ken's bed, reading some Medical journals. Ashi didn't see him early enough and had gotten to the middle of the room before he noticed him.
'Goooodddd afternoon sir', Ashi stammered, and tried to retreat. He was scared he could be punished for daring to look straight into Dr Ken's eyes, he learnt the previous day that nobody did that and went Scot free. He was scared of the punishment involved.

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