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Friday, 30 March 2018


'Good afternoon, who are you and what do you want?' Dr. Ken asked, without shifting his gaze from the magazine he was reading. He actually thought the young man talking to him was one of the house helps, and wanted to clean the room.
'I.. I...I am Ash..', Ashi paused immediately he remembered the number of times,the name 'Asiwaju' had landed him in trouble and also, he remembered the fact that he had gotten a new identity in the confraternity.
'Errmm I am Shhh... Showers of Mercy sir!', Ashi replied with his head bent downwards in fear.
On hearing that, Dr. Ken looked up and saw Ashi looking downward. He was looking like a boy caught doing something bad, and was about to be punished.
'Look up and face me', Dr. Ken commanded Ashi, while marking the page of the magazine he was reading. He dropped the magazine and stretched his back, which made some low noise.
'You say wetin?' Ken who was standing and watching, protested. He knew the rules of the confraternity, Dr. Ken knew also, and they both knew one of the rules was not looking into the Capon's eyes. In fact, only Ken (who was the 2ic
C) was allowed to look at his eyes. Why would Dr. Ken go against the rules, Ken wondered.
'Ken calm down, who no come no go know remember?' Dr. Ken replied smiling at Ken.
He knew what was on Ken's mind, but then, he wanted to have a proper look at the boy standing before him.
Ashi gently raised his head and looked into Dr. Ken's eyes. He couldn't believe how gentle and harmless the eyes were and for about forty seconds, their eyes were locked on each other. Behind Dr. Ken's gentle look, Ashi noticed authority; those eyes were shooting daggers at him literally. The more he stared, the more scared he was. He wasn't feeling comfortable and he wished he could disappear from that scene. Dr. Ken eventually shifted his gaze from Ashi back to his magazine and smiled. He had looked at the boy well enough, and there might not be another chance, till he hands over to someone else. He knew he had created tension in Ashi's mind and he wasn't bothered.
Acting in impulse, Ken couldn't help but give Ashi two stinging slaps. Ashi shouldn't have looked into Dr. Ken's eyes he maintained. Dr. Ken was the number one, the spiritual leader and the embodiment of mammy water, he ought to be respected at all times.
'Wetin I do na?' Ashi asked, rubbing his stinging cheek.
'Ken, it's enough. You shouldn't have slapped him though, I consider that as an unwarranted attack on the poor boy. If you don't mind, I would want everyone out of this room now', Dr. Ken said in a harmless, yet powerful tone. Everyone started leaving and Ken pulled Ashi closer, taking him along.
'Beauty and Wisdom, I want Showers of Mercy to stay behind, I want to have some private talks with him', Dr. Ken thundered and immediately, Ken left Ashi and went out reluctantly. He knew there were some things Dr. Ken was hiding from him, and he was determined to find out later.
When everyone except Ashi had left, Dr. Ken pointed to the seat in front of him and Ashi sat.
'Asiwaju, I've heard a lot about you, I mean about your fearlessness. Although I'm impressed, I'm also concerned. You see, we're Angels of Light, we aren't violent, we aren't arms carrying freaks like some others, yet we are rugged. You would need to add maturity to your fearlessness. Also, you need to be very careful. Mammy water dey follow you around o, na him pikin you be but if you miswaka, him go carry you go o, I don talk my own', Dr. Ken said, looking at Ashi keenly.
'Furthermore, since this fraternity was started some forty-something years ago, mammy water selects a special Angel every decade. This special Angel, she guides and protects specially and as from signals, it seems you are the special Angel for the next ten years, although I've not confirmed. If you are, then you need to exercise the highest level of caution', he concluded and took a sip of water.
Ashi was confused, he didn't understand most if what Dr. Ken had said to him, but in order not to look stupid, he nodded in affirmation, like he understood.
'Be free with me boy, but be respectful. You are the second Angel to have looked directly into my eyes since I became the Leading Angel, Beauty and Wisdom (Ken) was the first. If not for mammy water's backing, you for don collect immediately o', Dr. Ken said and laughed lightly.
Ashi thought about that and smiled.
'You must not be far from Ken and I, you need the right orientation and guidance, and we would give you that', Dr. Ken said with a note of finality while turning his concentration back to his magazine.
'Alright sir, I would do just that', Ashi said and left. He was happy to be free at last.
While with Dr. Ken, it was as if some unseen forces were putting Dr. Ken's fear into him forcefully.
However, he realised he liked him. He liked the way Dr. Ken carried himself, and his love for the medical field. Before then, Ashi had seen Dr. Ken in school several times and he had no reason to think he was a member of a fraternity, not to talk of being the leader.

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