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Saturday, 31 March 2018


'Ashistic!!! Ashiskoko!!! Ashigbagba!!! My niggie fi lyf... Na your voice be this? No be so o, you just bone my side', Sete exclaimed immediately Ashi entered the room and as usual, Sete was with a lady.
Sete stopped what he was doing with the lady, wrapped a towel around his waist and got to hug Ashi, it was a hug with deep meanings.
'Thanks for coming back safely Ashiwaju', Sete said finally, checking his body for any visible scar.
'Sete, I still don't know how I...' Ashi was saying when he paused, and looked over his shoulders. Sete understood and smiled. He then stylishly changed the topic by introducing the lady (Busayo) to Ashi as his babe. The lady was blushing when Sete called her his babe, but Ashi knew that was just for the main time. He then left the room for them to finish their business before he came back.
When Sete signalled to Ashi to come back inside, he had finished with the babe, the room had been tidied and the lady had started preparing food for them all. Ashi dropped the notes he was holding and headed to the bathroom, he needed to have a thorough bath and also poo. From the bathroom, Ashi and Sete continued gisting, they gisted about the hostel, how some guys came to steal laptops and were caught, and how they were embarrassed. Just then Ashi dropped a stinking poop.
'Hian alaye, dem give you dead body chop? Abi why your poo dey smell like this?' Sete asked jokingly.
'Yes, dem give me your father body chop and e sweet', Ashi replied laughing.
Just when Ashi left the bathroom, his phone rang and his calm was disturbed. He didn't want to receive any call at that moment,he just wanted to rest. He looked at the number which was unsaved and tried to remember who owned it. He had difficulty in remembering so he picked.
'Hello who be this?' He said in a confident tone.
'Hello babe, long..long...time', a feminine voice replied, and just immediately, Ashi knew who she was, she was someone from his past, she was Adamma, his ex, Snake's plaything. Ashi decided to play tough for a while to frustrate her a bit.
'I say who u be? Ashi asked again, harshly.
'It's Adaa... Adamma, your girl... girlfriend', the lady replied stammering.
'Adamma from where abeg? I no remember having a girlfriend, and also, I no remember dating a good girl like the one wey dey follow me talk. However, I remember say I been get something with one useless olosho sha, I doubt if it was you', Ashi said purposely, hitting the lady with his words'.
'Ashi, I'm deeply sorry for everything, I'm sorry for all I made you pass through, I'm sorry for all I caused you because of the love you have for me', Adamma begged and sobbed.
'The love I have for you? Make I die today if I still love you!' Ashi cursed and his voice increased. Sete who was also listening to the conversation signalled to Ashi to calm down.
'Ashi, your suspension has been lifted and you ought to have resumed. Please come back to school, I miss you already. Please come back to me, come and rescue me from... Snake', Adamma cried.
Ashi knew she was in trouble, but he wasn't ready to interfere with 'God's work' in her life. It was her choosing, she should deal with it.
'Come back ke Me wey don dey another school? Or you expect me to come back to a school full of bias minds and judgement ehn? Sorry mama Snake, I'm happy where I am, please deal with whatever bullshit you are facing and don't call me again', Ashi said and ended the call.
'Who be that chick?' Sete who had been listening all along asked.
'Na Ada na, my girlfriend when I dey that school that time, I been tell you about am', Ashi replied and just then, Busayo came in with three large bowls of peppered noodles and fried chicken. Ashi's face widened.
'Oh, the one wey been dey do olosho for...' Sete didn't finish his sentence before Ashi's phone rang again. He eyed Ashi and smiled again.
'Oh my God, not again', Ashi sighed.
'Na she be that again?' Sete asked, pointing to Ashi's phone.
'Yes, na she', Ashi said irritatedly, gradually losing his appetite.
'Wetin do am? Wetin she want?' Sete asked, taking a mouthful of noodles.
'I no sabi o, she say make I come back that school', Ashi replied, eating his food. Just then, his phone rang again, and Ashi let out a loud groan of frustration.
'Pick am na, hear wetin she wan say', Sete said, with a pleading voice.
Ashi nodded and picked, putting it on loudspeaker.
'Yes please?' Ashi said harshly.
'Ashi, I'm in a big trouble, please help me, Adamma cried.Ashi felt for her and softened his heart.
'Ookay, calm down and tell me what the problem is, and how I can help, for old time sake', Ashi replied.
'Ashi, it's Snake. See, I don't know how best to explain over the phone. Can we meet somewhere? I mean, can..can.. can I get to see you? I won't mind coming over to your school, I would find my way out, I really need your help', she begged.
'Ada, whatever you need to say, say it right now, if you don't have enough airtime, don't worry, I'll call you.' Ashi terminated the call, and called her back. He had enough airtime, Ken had recharged him earlier in the day. Adamma picked up at first ring.
'So madam, calm down and explain whatever the situation is', Ashi said.
Adamma cleared her throat and sighed before she started talking.
'Ashi, I'm finished. I'm living in shame. Snake has finished me. I can't even walk comfortably among my peers. I blame myself for dating Snake. I should have been contented. The crown I'm wearing is as useless as anything now. I'm not only Snake's plaything, I'm everybody's plaything. Snake makes me sleep with anybody he wishes, ranging from the VC to the cleaners and I dare not refuse. I learnt he collects money from them, Ashi, Snake is prostituting me to people. He has several of my nude pictures and he threatens to upload them on the internet if I misbehave. I can't even relate well with people, I can't talk to any guy freely, I dare not date too. He beats me almost everytime. I know you to be fearless, I realized he fears you, please help me. I am thinking of quitting the school before I lose my life', Adamma concluded and ended the call.
Ashi heard some background voice before she ended the call, and he knew she wasn't in a comfortable place.
'Hmmm that girl is really going through hell, that Snake guy must be strong, to be able to do that in a private university', Sete said pitifully. Ashi looked at him, sighed and ate his food. He wasn't sure of what to do.

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