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Wednesday, 14 March 2018


We finally arrived at my parents after a long drive. For some reason, I felt nervous.
Luke got off the car to open the passenger door for me. He must really like it here, with the way he's grinning.
"Ready?" He asked holding out his hands.
"Yeah, I guess" I placed my hands on his and we walked to the door.
Dad came to answer the door, he had gotten his hair and beard trimmed. For the first time in a long time, he was actually looking responsible and handsome.
Not that he's ugly or anything rude, it's just that he's been in the wilderness for so long I forgot how good he looked.
"Gabrielle" he said as his glance fell on me.
"Pappa" I faked a smile trying to look as calm as possible. Waving the thoughts of all that happened the last time I saw him.
"You must be Luke, please come in" he ushered us in with a warm smile.
Momma was in the kitchen and when she heard chatter in the living room, she rushed out with gloves in both hands and her favourite Black rose apron.
" Gabrielle!" She held out her hands. I hugged back feeling the scent of her perfume.
Something's definitely weird here.
"Mrs. Salvador.. You look lovely" Luke complimented hugging mamma.
"Oh thank you so much my son-in-law" she replied with a grin and I'm guessing she noticed the blush in our faces because she repeated it again leading us to the dining room where we all sat waiting for food.
Soon, the table was filled with delicious delicacies; rice and chicken stew, lamb sauce and white rice, barbecued fish with salad beside them, gravy and macrons, macrons and cheese...I felt my mouth start to water and my tummy growl.
I grabbed the closest seat to the lamb sauce as this was one of my favourite meals.
I looked up after ten minutes of imaging myself gulp everything in at once to find everyone staring at me like they were waiting for me to do something.
"I'm sorry, did you say something?"
They all laughed.
"The grace dear, you were asked to say grace" pappa said with a smile.
First, he answered the door..looking all sharply dressed, he trimmed his beards and cut his hair a little bit and now he called me 'dear' not to mention that this is the first time in a long time he has actually spoken to me calmly.
For some reason apparently, I became all emotional and curious at his sudden change of character. Did they do a change of parent or did he have a lost identical twin that they switched with him?
"Okay" I sniffed closing my eyes only to notice my eyes were already performing their tear magic.
"Baby..are you okay? What's wrong?" Luke held my hands searching my eyes for answers.
"Is there something wrong I said?" Pappa asked innocently.
"Why? Just why were you so awful to us pappa? Tell me. I truly want to know because all this while, I've lived with the thought that I'm fatherless even though I physically had one. In my heart, you made me kill you. I was frustrated because of you pappa. I gave up my education to raise my own brothers..your sons!" I sobbed.
Luke pulled me closer into his arms for comfort, wiping my tears off my eyes and slightly brushing my hair with his fingers.
"My daughter. My sweet, sweet, beautiful daughter" Pappa sighed as he gently stood and walked to my sit.
Momma just sat there astounded by what was about to happen.
Pappa held my shoulders and looked at me with his sad hazel eyes. His face, worried and sunken with sadness.
"I know I haven't been the father you've always wanted me to be. I turned my back away from my own family when they needed me the most. I am the worst parent on earth and a total disgrace to parenthood for not taking proper care of my children. My own flesh and blood. I deeply regret my actions. Your mother has been ever patient with me. Loved and still cared about me no matter how bad I treated her. I pray that God forgives me and gives me better days to appreciate her" he paused to kneel but hell, my stupid self didn't let him even if he deserved it.
"Please..just get up" I shake my head helping him gain balance.
"Gabrielle lo siento sinceramente.. Please, forgive me. I promise make my ways straight. Love you, your mother and my two lovely boys" he broke down in tears.
★Playing leave your lover instrumental★
" I'm so sorry..." I stretched my hands for him to hug me but instead, he fell into them sobbing bitterly. I lost it too. I felt too emotional and completely speechless. Luke wrapped his arms around me, kissing the side of my neck to ease me.
"I told you it was going to be alright" he whispered and I couldn't help but chuckle.
It was indeed a moment of reunion and I'm glad Luke was here to face it all with me.
The rest of the evening was fun and peaceful. It felt weird but hell, it was the greatest feeling. Finally, everything in my life felt like they were all aligned.
My parents insisted we told the story of how we met and mom was too emotional through the entire talk. She advised and reminded my father who had forgotten how they used to be.
At least, he's going to create better memories from now on.
"So Luke..I'm very concerned here. What exactly is your aim with my daughter?" He smiled softly.

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